Mark Pougatch emerges as contender for BBC F1 presenter position

The article in The Times today by Kevin Eason contains a lot of information and details which I shall cover in a blog post probably tomorrow as to the validity of those details. One thing I do spot though is that in the bullet points alongside the article is that Mark Pougatch is noted as a contender for the BBC F1 presenter role to replace Jake Humphrey.

It is the first time I have seen Pougatch linked to the role, so I thought it was worth creating a blog as I have not previously mentioned him. Pougatch, as the article mentions is an experienced broadcaster and veteran, having presented several sports strands including 5 Live Sport on the radio, Football Focus and ITV4’s coverage of the African Cup of Nations.

The article also notes Lee McKenzie as expected, as well as Chris Evans, although the latter appeared to pull out of the running last weekend. In any case, Pougatch appears to be a serious contender to replace Humphrey.

3 thoughts on “Mark Pougatch emerges as contender for BBC F1 presenter position

  1. Don’t Let Mark Pougatch Replace Jake Humphrey Because He Hasn’t Presenting Motor Sport Before And I Think The BBC Should Let The Lovely Lee Mckenzie Replace Jake Humphrey For The 2013 Formula 1 Coverage.

  2. I would prefer ‘Lee McKenzie’ or MotoGP presenter ‘Matt Roberts’ to replace Jake Humphrey instead of someone who has never presented a motorsport show before in his life! But Jake was like that when he left CBBC! 🙂

  3. I’m pretty sure Lee McKenzie used to be on the BBC Sport Twitter F1 list but she’s not listed there anymore. Certainly her tweets used to show up on the BBC F1 website which gets its feed from this twitter list:

    As I recall, something similar happened about this time last year for the BBC F1 folks who were due to move to Sky F1. Of course it’s possible that there’s no significance… time will tell!!

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