Vettel keeps 4 million hooked on Singapore

Sebastian Vettel’s win in yesterday’s Singapore Grand Prix kept viewing figures roughly in line with 2012, viewing figures show. BBC One’s highlights programme averaged 3.14 million viewers, a 19 percent share from 17:00 to 18:30. Sky Sports F1’s live coverage averaged 630,000 viewers, a 6.5 percent share. What is unclear is what the average covers. If it is the original 11:30 to 16:15 slot, then I have to say that is a particularly disappointing rating considering they had exclusive coverage. We will have to wait and see.

Singapore Grand Prix – Official Ratings
2008 – 3.95 million
2009 – 4.42 million
2010 – 4.49 million
2011 – 4.46 million
2012 – 3.93 million / 4.09 million (using ‘35 percent theory‘)
– overnight figures were 3.81 million / 3.97 million
2013 – 3.77 million / 3.99 million (overnight rating)

The official ratings will budge 2013 level with 2012, I imagine the highlights show was dented by the Manchester Derby, so that may timeshift more than usual. Coincidentally, that match averaged 1.91 million viewers, peaking with nearly 3 million viewers, a fairly colossal number by Sky’s standards.

The 2012 Singapore Grand Prix ratings report can be found here. Ratings data for 2013 is from ITV Media.

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