Sky Sports F1 to continue broadcasting throughout the Winter and into 2014

Sky Sports F1 is to remain ‘open’ as a channel throughout the Winter, it has been confirmed today. As noted by the channel’s Insider Twitter account this morning:

We’re currently preparing for our Christmas shows back at HQ – something to keep you guys amused over the festive season. We’ll review each teams season as well as putting on a Christmas special. We’ll keep you updated about when you’ll be able to see these.

This is not a surprise, just confirmation of news that was expected given that the channel remained on air in Winter 2012 and that a season review on each team, as well as a main programme, was broadcast last year. Still, it is pleasing to see that the commitment remains the same.

Another piece of information is from the Sky Programme Information website, specifically in their Brazilian Grand Prix description:

Sky Sports F1 has delivered unrivalled coverage throughout 2013 and will be the only place to the see every race in the 2014 Formula 1 season live.

Again, this is really just confirmation of expected news, the channel will be remaining in 2014. There is always a slight worry that content may one day be merged into the main four Sky Sports’ channels, but it appears that Sky Sports F1 is definitely remaining for 2014. Once we are into the close season questions will begin to turn towards the 2014 build-up. I have not even seen a definitive 2014 testing schedule, but if Bahrain is the final test, I wonder if Sky will broadcast it live again? Time will tell, and as always I will update the blog as news becomes available.

Update on November 7th – The F1 Show will end the main 2013 series as expected on Friday 29th November.

Update on November 26th – Whilst the main The F1 Show series will end on 29th November, a ‘Journalists Special’ will air the week after on Friday 6th December, which appears to be new.

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