TV season review shows drop

With the 2013 season ending on a bit of a dull note, it is perhaps no surprise that the end of year season review shows on BBC One and Sky Sports F1 suffered as a result, according to unofficial overnight viewing figures.

BBC One’s show, entitled ‘A Record Breaking Show’ averaged 880,000 (8.5%) on Saturday 28th December. It was the first time since the ITV days that a season review had dropped below one million viewers. The previous lowest on BBC was in 2009, which averaged 1.10m (12.5%) albeit that was broadcast a week after the season concluded. Since then, the season reviews have average between 1.1 million and 1.3 million viewers, so the 2013 overnight figure comes in slightly below that.

Unofficially, Sky’s review show averaged 1,000 (0.01%), despite it being half the length of last year’s season review show. Seeing something average 1,000 viewers is very, very rare, and it should be said that the smaller you go, the margin of error gets bigger. Nevertheless, I imagine both BBC and Sky are fairly glad to see the back of 2013.

5 thoughts on “TV season review shows drop

  1. 1,000 viewers is a real stinker for Sky, who have a lot to do to keep their fanbase from coming back for another season of F1. BBC didn’t do themselves too many favours either so both companies do need to put 2013 out the window and focus on 2014. I do feel as both Lazenby and Perry have to improve further if they are to convince viewers to keep themselves glued to the screen. I do think that Suzi’s first year was more of a learning curve to be fair. Whilst Lazenby had improved on his dismal presenting in 2012. But considering that both were learning on the job, I’d take Suzi on this occasion because she has more motorsport experience due to MotoGP and I feel that she can learn from her mistakes from last season and pull of a Rosenthal or a Humphrey and come back even stronger.

  2. wow shocked at skys figures where were the other 699,000 viewers?. does this mean that there are only 1000 die hard fans who watch sky f1 and all the content? i know it was a dull season but sky must feel embarresed and de morralsied doing a 1hr review for such little viewers. surley that must one of skys lowest average viewing figure in their history(i dont know but it must be near the bottom).

    and about suzi perry i know f1 is a bit different to moto gp but that doesnt mean that a sentence cant be strung together or words coming out wrong(any presenter who has done it for more than 10years should have enough experience). why is everyone so easy on her she made the bbc f1 2013 coverage terrible most of the time especialy in the red button forums and also she didnt gell with dc and ej very well

    1. I know that Suzi does deserve some criticism because she made some bad schoolboy errors with her presenting which you shouldn’t really do on a Live broadcast but we won’t get a real measure of her true potential until next season where we can find out what Perry is made of on 4 wheels. Otherwise, she’s more comfortable on 2 than 4. A better choice than Lazenby and Perry for the BBC and Sky respectively are Martin Brundle for Sky and the BBC, although it seems unlikely he’ll do the role is Jeremy Clarkson. Imagine Clarkson presenting F1 on the Beeb with EJ and DC? Fireworks!

  3. Did they trail it at all? I would have watched it if I knew it was on. They kept it very quiet, is it on iPlayer?

  4. There was no trail that I saw for the BBC show. The only reason I watched it at all was because my trusty Humax picked up the F1 series link and automatically recorded it 🙂

    In my opinion the show was lost in the general BBC clutter. The sooner the BBC launch a dedicated BBC Sport HD channel and dump all of their sport into it, along with Sportsday, the better.

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