The job market can be a difficult and unwieldy place to navigate, and the road into the motor sport broadcasting world is unlikely to be straight forward.

Many people who currently work inside the motor sport broadcasting arena started their career outside of the arena.

For example, some members of the F1 on-air team started their career in local radio as a reporter, while others behind the camera likely started their career as a junior runner to find their feet.

Motorsport Broadcasting has created this page to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for within the sector.

This page highlights some of the brilliant organisations that are out there, helping you make your first step into the broadcasting world. I have added links most relevant to motor sport broadcasting, however, I am open to additional content suggestions.

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The UK’s key broadcasters across television and radio need no explanation, and the roles on offer vary.

From being a journalist at your local radio station, through to leading a broadcaster’s social media portfolio, there are plenty of opportunities on hand.

Some broadcasters take a ‘mixed economy’ approach to production, with some aspects produced in-house and others outsourced to third party companies.

For example, ITV produces their coverage of the British Touring Car Championship in-house, however, Channel 4 outsources production of their Formula 1 offering to Whisper.

Look at the opportunities currently on offer below from the UK’s leading broadcasters:

Production Houses

Behind all the main broadcasters lie a vast array of production houses, helping the likes of BBC and ITV bring their content to life.

The entities listed below work across the spectrum, some specialising in post-production, others producing Outside Broadcasts (OB) for major motor sport championships.

Some of the names are well known to readers, others less so. Notably, Box to Box Films is responsible for the success of Netflix’s Drive to Survive series, while other production houses, such as The Mill and Knucklehead, have helped produce special segments for Sky’s Formula 1 offering in recent years.

  • Aurora Media Worldwide (Jobs, LinkedIn) – co-produces Formula E’s World Feed alongside North One Television
  • Box to Box Films (LinkedIn) – responsible for overall delivery of Netflix’s Drive to Survive series
  • Cloudbass Graphics / Limited (LinkedIn) – produces graphics for ITV’s British Touring Car Championship coverage
  • Gravity Media (Jobs, LinkedIn) – provides Outside Broadcast facilities to Whisper for usage in Channel 4’s F1 coverage
  • IMG Group (Jobs, LinkedIn) – produces BBC’s 5 Live F1 programming
  • Knucklehead (LinkedIn) – created Sky’s F1 2019 pre-season trailer
  • Little Dot Studios (LinkedIn) – creates digital content across Formula E’s social channels
  • North One Television (LinkedIn) – produces BT Sport’s MotoGP programming
  • The Farm (Jobs, LinkedIn) – responsible for post-production of Netflix’s Drive to Survive series
  • The Mill (Jobs, LinkedIn) – created Sky’s F1 2020 pre-season trailer
  • Timeline Television (Jobs, LinkedIn) – facilities used by BT Sport, Formula E, Whisper, and more…
  • Whisper (Jobs, LinkedIn) – produces Channel 4’s F1 coverage


On the championship front, Formula 1 and MotoGP have their own digital divisions, each producing content for their social channels and over-the-top platforms F1 TV and MotoGP Video Pass.

Underpinning this, there is everything required to run each series day-to-day, from data analytics, helping shape their future, to HR functions.

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The information in this article is correct and accurate as of November 1st, 2021.