To all visitors new and old, welcome to the site. The F1 Broadcasting Blog was set up in April 2012, with the original intention to just cover Formula 1, hence the name.

As a 26-year-old BSc Computing graduate, I have never worked in motor sport, this website is an outlet for me to give my opinions. My opinions are based on watching and listening to motor sport for the past 19 years.

A good old fashioned debate is welcome: I encourage all comments, as this helps the website thrive. As time has progressed, the website has expanded to cover series such as MotoGP and Formula E, which is why I rebranded the site to Motorsport Broadcasting in February 2019.

With over two million hits in seven years, there is a lot of interest on the broadcasting side of things, the numbers only continue to grow. I post on Digital Spy and Autosport Forums, if you recognise the posting style, that is where you recognise it from!

I have also written once for F1 Fanatic (now RaceFans) at the beginning of 2013. As alluded to above, I studied at Coventry University from 2011 to 2015, and am now working within the Computing industry. You are more than welcome to reach out to me, either in the comments section or via the following platforms:

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– editor at motorsportbroadcasting dot com

Last updated on February 16th, 2019.


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  1. Never having paid for any tv before (other than through licence fee) I took the plunge and got a Sky entertainment package + HD in order to get Sky F1 for the start of the 2012 season. Now, as the 2013 season fast approaches, I’ve decided to cancel my Sky subscription. The main reason being, I just don’t consider I am getting value for money for it. Whilst I’ve enjoyed the ability to watch all of a race weekend on Sky the average cost to me is about £20 per race. And the fact of the matter is I don’t/can’t watch all of a race weekend, which must be the same for most? Qualifying and the race itself are by far the most important reasons why I and everyone else who loves the sport watch it on tv. And the BBC still do a very good job at covering those as people I know who didn’t make the switch to Sky still attest to. Further, I’d say the Sky team don’t do a far better job than the BBC. I think that the live commentary between the two is comparable and generally very competent (and of course the feed is identical). But the ‘in between’ bits, which Sky necessarily have a lot more of, tend to be filled by them in my view with too match talking and opionating, which often is uniformative (or obviously informative to those of us who know about the sport) and sometimes uninformed even. I am not going to draw specific comparisons between named individuals because I neither need nor want to; the point in summary ibeing that having experienced Sky F1 for 12 months now I don’t feel that they deliver a much better service. I don’t care much for the F1 show and to be honest I mostly find that my up to date knowledge (or gossip) about the sport is fed by the internet and magazines I buy surrounding it (F1 Racing, Autosport etc) anyway. As for other Sky F1 programmes, well I can take or leave them and tend to sit down and watch them only if there’s something on I think I’d like to watch rather than planning to view them. It is nice to have repeats of races or highlights of races ‘on tap’ as it were, but that’s partly down to Sky having all that time to fill. I do though like their opening credits and theme song although if you’re not already watch Sky F1 for a couple of evenings and you’ll very quickly tire of it 9no pun intended). And it’s not worth paying for that alone of course/

    I don’t really watch much of any other channels which aren’t available for free.

    So, for these reasons, I’m going to give it up and see how I fare on the Beeb this season and with only being able to watch 9 races live (but again of note, some of the races they won’t be showing live are early morning ones and they will, apparently, show full race coverage at a more sensible time in the day (meaning there might be fewer looks of ‘are you mad’ from my partner when I tell her what time I intend getting up in the morning to watch quali’ or the race…)).

    I’ve not been able to find any other comments from people who have decided to ‘switch back’ to the BBc or stay with Sky this year and hopefully what I’ve said might come in handy for others. Or not, watching F1 is a very personal thing I know but part of me feels that the money I will be saving will be put to good use in Barcelona for my first ever fly away race weekend.


  2. If you could kindly enable the RSS on your blog (just for posts rather than comments) I would be obliged. Then my newsfox RSS newsreader will pick up your new posts automatically.

  3. I stumbled upon your blog via the BBC site, where I was dumping vitriol all over the Corporation for firing Gary Anderson. Surely he was best thing that’s happened to F1 broadcasting in a very long time & to lose him as F1 moves into a new & very complicated era of high-technology is criminal. Clearly the powers at BBC have no idea how to broadcast motor sport & hence they’re happy to emulate the couch-potato philosophy of SKY, which emulates the Page 3 mentality of the Murdoch newspapers.
    In return for my vitriol, I got a terse quote stating that the BBC thanks Gary for his 2 years & wishes him the best for his future. ie NO EXPLANATION.
    So we’re left with Eddie the Clown instead.
    But now you tell me that I’ll get at least SOME MotoGP highlights this year, despite Dorna’s wallet-fattening foot-shooting decision to give coverage to BT. HALLELUYAH! I’ve arranged for a pal in Canada to send me DVDs of the bikes recorded off his TV coverage, which he gets via SpeedVision, which means I must wait but at least I’ll get to see the entire races) eventually. In a year when Cal goes to Ducati, how can Dorna willingly surrender its English-speaking audience? Clearly, they’re cut from the same greedy cloth as FOM & CVC.
    Sorry to ramble on but I’m delighted to find your blog, & have signed up to follow you via eMail, as I’m refusing to admit that Facebook Twitter et al exist.
    Looking forward to news of & from you,

  4. Could the Sky F1 viewing figures have gone up because people like myself who can’t afford Sky, have bought a Sky Now TV Box for £9.99, so you can buy a Sky Sport Pass for 24 hours for £9.99 or cheaper on ebay, so you can see the races live when they are not on the BBC.

    Thank you
    Margaret McIntyre

  5. Hi, Where did you see that Sky sports will be showing v8 Supercars in 2016 as it looks like it’s not scheduled on Motors TV (even though it’s gone on the missing list on sky platform)

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