BT Sport’s new service is two and a half years old, with the channel continuing to expand its portfolio of motor sport. There are several options currently to watch BT Sport, which are as follows:

BSkyB (source)
– BT Sport is free if you have BT Broadband
– BT Sport is £13.50 a month if you do not have BT Broadband
– BT Sport HD is an extra £3.00 a month

– BT Sport is free to BT Infinity customers (source)
– BT Sport is free if you have BT Broadband (source)
– BT Sport HD is an extra £3.00 a month

Virgin Media (source)
– BT Sport is free with the TV XL package
– BT Sport is otherwise £15.00 a month


13 thoughts on “BT

  1. I don’t think ou have to pay £5 for BT TV. But you do have to pay for line rental of course.

    And you don’t necessarily need Infinity – it is available via an aerial with a viewing card and compatible box. Or you can get it via tablet/mobile/online with any BT Broadband package.

    1. I’ll be honest with you here, I’m not too familiar with all of BT’s jargon at the moment. I’m a Sky customer, and don’t plan on changing after today. I’ve added the bit about the line rental (which increases the cost by £15.45).

      Do you have a source from their website about the aerial and viewing card bit? Want to try and keep it relatively reliable without adding bits and bobs which haven’t been directly verified by BT themselves.

  2. Online BT Sport Player and on their app is free for all BT Broadband customers. Also, they haven’t rolled out their Infinity package across the entire UK yet, meaning not everybody can apply for BT Infinity. Their fibre optic BT Infinity service should cover 90% of the country by 2017.

  3. Is it confirmed that BT Sport/ESPN will have NASCAR Sprint Cup highlights again for 2015, then? I hope so!

      1. Thats a shame. I thought it was a really good digest of the weeks racing for those of us who can’t afford the time to watch the full races or highlight shows

  4. If sky drop Eurosport and discovery I’m am out of there, have been with them must be 30 years and more.

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