The following is a list of motor racing television and radio contracts in the United Kingdom for the 2021 season.

British GT Championship (2021) (sourced from their official website)
– live streaming across social media, including YouTube
– highlights on Sky Sports F1

British Superbike Championship (2021 to 2027) (sourced from their official website)
– live free-to-air coverage on Quest of rounds 2, 3 and 4 in 2021 (source)
– live coverage of all other rounds on Eurosport
– highlights on Quest

British Touring Car Championship (2021 to 2026) (sourced from the official website)
– live coverage on ITV4

DTM (2021 – TBC) (sourced from their Twitter)
– live coverage on Freesports TV

Extreme E (2021)
– live coverage on BBC’s digital platforms (source)
– live coverage on BT Sport (source)
– live coverage on ITV (source)
– live coverage on Sky Sports (source)

Extreme E (2022 and 2023)
– exclusive live terrestrial coverage on ITV (source)
– other details to be confirmed

Formula 1 – Television (2021 to 2024) (sourced from Sky)
– live coverage on Sky Sports for every race weekend

Formula 1 – Television (2021 and 2022) (sourced from Channel 4)
– live coverage on Channel 4 of the British Grand Prix
– highlights on Channel 4 of all other races

Formula 1 – Radio (2021) (sourced from BBC News)
– exclusive live coverage on BBC Radio 5 Live

Formula 2 and Formula 3 (2021 to 2024)
– exclusive live coverage on Sky Sports F1 for every race weekend

Formula E (2020-21)
– Shakedown: live on YouTube
– Practice: live on YouTube and Eurosport Player
– Qualifying: live on BBC’s digital platforms and Eurosport
– Race: live on BBC’s digital platforms and Eurosport
=> some races will air live on Quest
– Highlights on Quest

GT World Challenge Europe (2021) (sourced from their official website)
– live streaming via YouTube
– as-live coverage of Sprint Cup on Sky Sports F1
– two-hour highlights of Endurance Cup on Sky Sports F1

IndyCar Series (2021 – multi-year) (sourced from Sky’s website)
– live coverage on Sky Sports F1
– NOTE: Status for 2022 unconfirmed.

MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3 – Television (2021 to 2024) (sourced from MotoGP’s website)
– live coverage on BT Sport of every session (practice, qualifying and race)
– live coverage of the French MotoGP on ITV4 and the British MotoGP on ITV
– highlights on ITV4

NASCAR (2021 and 2022) (sourced from SportsPro)
– live coverage of every NASCAR Sprint Cup race on Premier Sports
– live coverage of selected NASCAR Truck Series races on Premier Sports

Superbike World Championship (2021 to 2025) (sourced from their official website)
– live coverage on Eurosport
– highlights on ITV4 (2021 only)

Virgin Australia Supercars (2021)
– live coverage on BT Sport

W Series (2021) (sourced from their website)
– live coverage on Channel 4

World Endurance Championship (2021) (sourced from their website)
– live coverage of first two hours and closing two hours on Eurosport
– full coverage coverage available via Eurosport Player

World Rally Championship (2021)
– live coverage on BT Sport
– highlights on ITV4

World Rallycross (2021 – TBC) (sourced from their website)
– live coverage on BT Sport and Freesports TV
– highlights on BT Sport

World Touring Car Cup (2021 to 2025) (sourced from their website)
– live coverage on Eurosport

Any other series’ that you think I should add? Drop a line in the comments below.

Details correct as of August 31st, 2021.

79 thoughts on “Contracts

  1. Do you want to add in the Motors TV and other Prime TV coverage? I think the difficulty is working out the contractual situation in some cases is evident from scheduling:

    – DTM rights for live and race replay remain with ESPN for the tie being.
    – short form DTM highlights (on scheduler next Saturday) BARC F4 (source autosport) are with ITV4.
    – Live V8 rights are with Prime (delayed highlights with motors).
    – Motors TV seem to have settled with WEC & euro F3 as their major international series along with a lot of club/national racing. They take live feed plus audio from radio le mans. WEC is looking like a cracking series this year.
    – Formula Renult 3.5, Auto GP remain with Eurosport. Eurosport also have rights for Le Mans 24 hours and buy in occasionaly WEC. Weirdly Sky also have highlights rights for WEC it seems – perhaps in case Davidson gets a win!

  2. No worries. I find the blog interesting. I wouldn’t underestimate how much of a high water point we are at in terms of coverage of motor racing in general outside F1.

    ITV4 has been an absolutely godsend for BTCC which has a serious shot at returning to something like its high point when the highlights (a week late) were legendary. That’s great news for UK motor racing fans longer term.

    Then if you’re able to afford sky you can watch an unbelievable of high quality motor sport. I see can’t quite work out how the motors tv and eurosport business models work but being able to follow formula 1 level performance in he WEC, the next wave of single seat stars live in Formula 3/Formula Renult 3.5 and the WTCC on the edge of a return to the a manufacturer era in 2014 is great. Far off insane tracks you’ve never heard of are suddenly in your living room in HD – honestly check out you tube coverage of Salzburgring from WTCC because I doubt they’re be able to go there next year with the increase in power proposed.

    I’m quite a bit older (32) so have seen the highs and lows since the modern F1 era started to take shape in 87.

    1. I’m intrigued as to whether BTCC could benefit audience and profile wise in this country, if BT Sport are indeed taking MotoGP exclusively. Today for example, we will have MotoGP getting 1.2 million on BBC Two at 12:30, with BTCC on ITV4 at the same time. MotoGP definitely will not be getting 1.2 million next year (unless there is a terrestrial highlights deal in place), so BTCC could well get an extra few thousand viewers next year. It also may end up becoming the second most popular motor sport in this country as a result, only behind Formula 1.

      At the moment it is

      1) Formula 1 (about 4.2 million average)
      2) MotoGP (about 1.2 million)
      3) BTCC (about 300,000 viewers)
      4) anything below 100,000 viewers

      F1 for me is all the time, MotoGP is semi occasionally or regularly (probably the latter now it looks like I won’t have access in 2013), BTCC is on Sky+, whilst GP2 and GP3 also get watched. I did watch every race of IndyCars last year, until it moved to ESPN. Anything else depends on clashes or what else happens to be on the box. WTCC is an interesting one, I did watch it several years ago, but the racing for a time did get dull, no idea if it still like that though.

  3. I strongly suspect ITV will start to show another BTCC ‘feature’ race on ITV1 next year on a non-F1 weekend and pull a 1m rating heavily slanted toward advertiser friendly groups. At which point I hope we will see the return of more manufacturers and sponsors. I think it’s ideally placed to sweep up ratings and advertisers at a national level.

    I don’t sleep much so I get to watch a lot of racing on Sky+ in the mornings whilst my girlfriend is in bed!I used to watch Moto GP but I stopped when Rossi went off the boil. I’m off to watch DTM / F3 randomly next Sunday at Brands Hatch – only second live race meeting but a picnic, a few glasses of wine and a roofed seat will hopefully see us right.

    I see Eurosport have again started showing the Porsche GT races live from the GP supporting package. I can’t work out why Sky haven’t gone for those rights as well – maybe want to theme the channel around single seaters.

    1. “I can’t work out why Sky haven’t gone for those rights as well – maybe want to theme the channel around single seaters.” – There’s no World Feed commentary provided by FOM for Porsche Supercup, I don’t think.

      1. I wonder if the Porsche Supercup (although it’s technically filmed by FOM’s cameramen I presume) is under a different contract, rights-wise to F1, GP2 and GP3? Although I did notice that last year, Sky showed highlights of the Supercup races.

    1. Noticed Motors TV and Premier TV are showing V8 Supercars live from Austin this weekend, so I’ve amended the above to note that. I also spotted Sky Sports are now showing highlights of the V8 Supercars on a ten day delay it seems, is this a new addition from this year?

  4. I can’t understand how the rights are divided up – must be selling (v cheaply) three packages! I was going to mention this but you got there ahead of me. Looking forward to seeing how the V8s go at Austin – the main straight is a bit like the change in height at classic australian tracks.

  5. FOM fan – yep Sky had a week delay package of rights for Porsche Super Cup – with a UK driver on top I wonder if they’ll do the same this year in between GP2 race 2 and F1.

  6. I think ITV have a strong motorsport Portfolio only should expand. But BBCSport needs to move away from Formula 1 and move into Sports car endurance racing also BRDC Formula4 Championship it would be a good move for them.

  7. I can’t see any DTM scheduled on ITV4 for next weekend – have they still got it for 2014?

  8. Does Eurosport still have Porsche Supercup Live rights? I completely forgot to look in Barcelona but they are not showing anything from Monaco.

  9. My wife and I are anxiously waiting for confirmation of which channel will be showing Nascar Sprint Cup in 2015. In the summery above it says Premier Sports, but with only a few days to go until the first race there is still no confirmation. What’s taking so long?

  10. Only omission is the Nascar Xfinity, known previously as the Nationwide, series, spent ages trying to find out, Motors showed it live last year, only mention on Nascar is the Sprint Cup with is now at Premier, any help or ideas, it’s getting very close.

    1. Hi Sara, we too would love to see the Xfinity races, watched evety one last year (on Motors) and the races were often more exciting than the Sprint Cup.

      If anyone has any news, that would great.



  11. Hi paul, completely agree they were DEFINATELY more exciting, more searching and still no news about broadcasters today, what is going on???

  12. Does anyone know if the Eurosport player will show all the WEC races (full of highlights)? Also is there an ‘iplayer’ site that shows DTM? Is the DTM YouTube channel available with English commentary? Need to know before committing to subscription! Thanks!

  13. How about the NHRA 2016 drag racing? Its now moved to Fox in the US, will we still get it in the UK?

  14. Any news on if or how NHRA will be available in UK for 2016 as now on FOX Sports. Is there any chance BTESPN may pay for rights to show…….

  15. Hi, Formula3000 was shown on motors TV in 2015 as was the US Tudor Sports car Championship. Are they being covered again in 2016?

  16. Motors TV is not showing the WEC live this year thanks to tweets from their page although they will still be showing highlights of the races.

    Don’t know who is taking their rights yet although we do know that the Le Mans 24h is still be shown exclusively live on Eurosport and they will probably keep their current rights. (Start and end of the races live)

    BT Sport mentions WEC on their Mad About Motorsport advert so maybe they are taking Motors rights.

  17. Deal could never be reached in time for ITV to show World Rallycross Championship highlights, so they’re not going to be on ITV4 this year.

  18. When it comes to the cheaper end of Endurance Motorsport TVRIGHTS BBCSPORT need to be more active .Yes the. races. are. long. but. they broadcast the race live and have a Qualifying report in a 4hour or. 6 hour race.

  19. Any news on NHRA drag racing 2017. The season has now started but cannot find anyone who is broadcasting it in the UK.

  20. Have bt sport lost the rights to the Australia supercars championship season starts next weekend motors tv are showing it live but i thought bt also shwed it live aswell. Thanks

    1. BT definitely showed it live last season, but I cannot see any mention of it in their schedules for next weekend. I’ve removed the reference to BT for V8 Supercars.

  21. Will motorsport tv be showing the Australia supercars championship live next weekend i cannot find any listings for it thanks.

  22. So BT have lost the NHRA drag racing and Australian V8s? Is it possible to watch NHRA in the UK anymore?

    Is it possible to get Motors TV on the BT platform?

  23. Live Porsche SuperCup (including practice & qualy) on Sky Sports F1 in 2017 ?
    Is it true ?

  24. Has anyone heard if NASCAR have renewed their contract with Premier Sports for 2018 and onwards. Thanks

  25. Hi, I too would love to know if there is any news on NASCAR coming to a UK TV channel for 2018.

  26. Any news on the Weathertech Sportscar series for uk tv Rights. Races include Daytona 24h, Sebring 12h, etc.

  27. BT Sport/ESPN are covering highlights of NHRA drag racing.
    You might also want to update the Indycar link above? It goes to a unknown page and I think that the rights are still to be confirmed as of today [26th Feb]?

  28. Any news as to when we will start getting details of TV rights for those championships that overlap between 2019 and 2020, thinking primarily WEC and Formula E?

    1. Last year we didn’t get news on Formula E until four weeks before the season started so don’t expect anything soon. I’d be surprised if WEC heads anywhere else.

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