A list of Channel 4, Sky F1 and BBC Radio personnel currently on Twitter, both those in front of the camera and also those who work the magic on the production and editorial side.

Channel 4 F1
Official Twitter
– Whisper Films Twitter

Ben Edwards
David Coulthard
Karun Chandhok
Lee McKenzie
Mark Webber
Steve Jones
Susie Wolff

– Carl Dolan, sound supervisor
Richard Carr, director
Sarah Holt, producer and website reporter
Stephen Lyle, head of F1 at Channel 4
Tim Hampel, producer

Sky F1
Official Twitter
Insider Twitter

Anthony Davidson
David Croft
Johnny Herbert
Martin Brundle
Natalie Pinkham
Paul di Resta
Nico Rosberg
Simon Lazenby
Ted Kravitz
Rachel Brookes – Sky Sports News
Craig Slater – Sky Sports News

Andrew DeSouza
James Galloway, website writer
Jamie Coley, series producer (F1 Report)
Mark Hughes, commentary box producer
Matt Morlidge, website writer
Neil Wooding, senior assistant producer
Patrick Marks
Pete Gill, website writer
Pete Velluet, cameraman
Tim Glass, producer
Tommy Herz, editorial assistant

Official Twitter

Jack Nicholls
Jennie Gow
Jolyon Palmer

Website and Production
Andrew Benson, website writer
Chessie Bent, 5 Live producer
Ian Fergusson, weatherman

Spot anyone worth adding? Comment below.


6 thoughts on “Twitter

  1. I found the non-stop endless chatter from both commentators during practice on Friday morning at Silverstone totally exhausting.

  2. i’m bored with this ‘same-old, same-old’ every week – call me when formula one decides to get interesting again

  3. The FOM F1 Onboard channel is a scam.Boring.No camera switches.Thousends of people pay to get scammed

  4. I hope Steve jones is not the ancore man for season 2018. The waffle he spouts puts me off. I skip him most of the time.

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