British Eurosport to screen MotoGP live tomorrow

Note: If you have come to this article via a search engine, this article was written in June 2012, and is no longer relevant. It will, however, be kept here for historical purposes. Thank you.

British Eurosport are to screen all three MotoGP races live tomorrow, as well as all three warm-up sessions live tomorrow, it has been announced. The broadcaster normally broadcasts the Moto3 and Moto2 races live, with the MotoGP race on a tape-delay as the MotoGP races air live on BBC Two.

However, due to live coverage of Wimbledon, MotoGP will not be airing live on BBC Two tomorrow. As with past occurrences where this has happened (such as Qatar in the past few years), it means British Eurosport is allowed to air MotoGP live as BBC will only be broadcasting it on the Red Button.

As for the warm-up, I do not remember Eurosport broadcasting Moto3 or Moto2 (even in their previous form 125cc and 250cc) warm-up’s before, so nice to see them broadcasting that too.

British Eurosport 2’s schedule tomorrow therefore runs as follows:

07:35 to 08:05 – LIVE: Moto3 warm-up
08:05 to 08:35 – LIVE: Moto2 warm-up
08:35 to 09:15 – LIVE: MotoGP warm-up
09:15 to 09:45 – LIVE: Build-up
09:45 to 11:05 – LIVE: Moto3 race
11:05 to 12:25 – LIVE: Moto2 race
12:25 to 14:15 – LIVE: MotoGP race

For viewers without access to Eurosport, the three races are live on BBC’s Red Button service from 09:45, with the MotoGP race repeated at 12:30 on BBC Two on Sunday (it’s usual timeslot). The current contract between British Eurosport and BBC expires at the end of the 2013 season.

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