BT Sport to screen IndyCar Series from August

BT Sport are to screen the IndyCar Series from August, it has been confirmed this evening. As confirmed by Mark Coyle, BT’s Head of Digital Production on Twitter: “Our confirmed list of US sports: College basketball, Indy Car, NASCAR, college football, MLB, Red Bull, MLS.”

At the beginning of 2012, it was announced that the IndyCar rights would be switching to ESPN following a long association with Sky Sports. The announcement that ESPN was to be owned by BT Sport from August left fans concerned that BT Sport would not cover the series.

The news this evening puts an end to that speculation. The ESPN channel will still exist after July, however, so whilst the rights have formally switched to BT Sport, I fully expect IndyCars to continue to be screened on ESPN, just now under the BT Sport umbrella.

7 thoughts on “BT Sport to screen IndyCar Series from August

  1. Oh, that’s not too bad then. I wasn’t aware that ESPN was sold to BT Sport. I just thought that ESPN were shutting down in August, and that BT Sport was starting in August and the timing of the two just happened to be coincidental. Its good to know that I will still be able to watch the IndyCar Series for the rest of this season at least, providing that ESPN is still available without the need for a BT Sport subscription (presuming that they are doing one.)
    Is there any word on whether they will take up the rights for the DTM and keep that going on ESPN? I assume they will announce it at some point if they haven’t already as it would seem silly to take up IndyCar but not DTM, since DTM must get more views just because its a European based series.

  2. When did they pick up NASCAR? I believed that Premier Sports had it on a multi year deal?

    1. I think ESPN have highlights of NASCAR. You’re absolutely right about live NASCAR races being exclusively on Premier Sports.

  3. so if i add BTSport to my sky package in August I’ll get Indycar & DTM? isn’t it £3 a month? quite a lot cheaper than ESPN!

  4. Indy Car looks like it will be exclusive to the BT Sport channel and NOT shown on the new version of ESPN. I just checked the EPG for August 4th, the date of the next Indy race, and it’s not on ESPN’s listing, nor is UFC which has also been picked up (and apparently cherry picked away from ESPN) by BT Sport.

    1. I wouldn’t say “exclusive to the BT Sport channel”. Yes, the Mid Ohio race on August 4th is on BT Sport 2, but I would expect some rounds to end up on ESPN if there is live sport scheduled on BT Sport 1 and BT Sport 2.

      Arguably for IndyCars it will be better for it to be on BT Sport 2 than ESPN. Assumnig BT Sport promote it, obviously…

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