BBC dump next weekend’s MotoGP to Red Button

The BBC are to screen MotoGP next weekend behind the Red Button, schedules reveal. I will be honest and say that I’m incredibly unimpressed with this one, especially in their last season of coverage before handing to BT Sport next season. They normally move the Assen race around a bit, but that in my view is fair game as that does clash with Wimbledon and tends to clash with Qualifying for the British Grand Prix in Formula 1. The Saturday schedules are as follows:

Saturday 14th September 2013
13:00 – Live Athletics: Great City Games
14:30 to 16:30 – Triathlon: World Championship Series

12:45 – Caribbean Food Made Easy (R)
13:15 – University Challenge (R)
13:45 to 15:40 – EastEnders Omnibus (R)

On BBC Two, repeats take priority over MotoGP. Whether this is a case of they don’t want sport on two BBC channels at the same time, I don’t know. The Sunday schedule is as follows:

Sunday 15th September 2013
09:30 – Live Athletics: Great North Run
13:30 – Sunday Politics
14:45 – Bargain Hunt (R)
15:30 to 16:15 – Flog It! (R)

12:15 – Sailing: America’s Cup Highlights
13:00 – Live Triathlon: World Series Final
15:45 – EastEnders Omnibus (R)
16:45 – Athletics: Great North Run Highlights
17:30 to 18:30 – Rugby League: Super League Play Offs

If you drawn a list of sporting priorities at the BBC, you can see from the above where MotoGP falls. Now, of course, they may have took the MotoGP decision based on the fact that they are not screening it live next year. Of course, they did bid for MotoGP next year, but BT Sport out bid them considerably. But it is a thoroughly disappointing decision, especially considering the level of coverage from Silverstone. It is difficult to see what else they could have done, unfortunately something had to give. Sunday Politics I believe has to be on BBC One because of the regional opt-outs which cannot be served on BBC Two.

Furthermore, looking at the schedules, I cannot see any repeat airing for the MotoGP on BBC One or BBC Two, or BBC Three for that matter later on Sunday or Monday. As with Qatar earlier this year, don’t expect British Eurosport to screen it live, either.

Update on September 12th – It turns out that BBC are repeating it on on BBC Two, in the early hours of Monday morning at 00:15 (England/NI), 00:30 (Wales) and 00:45 (Scotland). Thanks to @scott_gamer for the tip.

8 thoughts on “BBC dump next weekend’s MotoGP to Red Button

  1. Why do the BBC continue not take Motogp seriously.?? It nearly ever gets a mention on sports reports and is seldom promoted.
    Coverage this weekend is an insult to fans. Surely it is of greater interest than American sailing.

      1. Not stealing – unfortunately (or not, depending on your view point), BT bid higher than BBC and got the rights. Dorna took the money and not the viewers. I have e-mailed Dorna (twice!) about a highlights package, alas, no reply.

  2. Quite right David,BBC suck no wonder this country is in such a state when they waste so much time and money on Eastenders

  3. Can we actually watch in on the red button or do we have to wait till gone midnight,who cares about triathlon ffs

  4. Absolute bummer. As a Dutch motoGP follower I had to resort to BBC, because the Dutch television stations also lost the broadcasting rights. I have no “red button” functionality (or possibilities to watch bt sport, next year, for that matter). Streaming it is from now on, as it is with F1. Is there going to be a future for the most prestigious racing classes at all?

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