BT Sport to screen IndyCar Series until 2015

BT Sport are to continue screening the IndyCar Series up to an including the 2015 season, it has been confirmed. Writing on Twitter, Mark Coyle, the channel’s Head of Digital Production noted: “We have the rest of this season then seasons 2014 & 2015.”

Although the series is still screened on ESPN UK under BT Sport’s ownership, the confirmation secures IndyCar Series’ future in the UK for the forthcoming future, so is very good news. I don’t know if the deal has been renegotiated or whether the original deal with ESPN UK was always three years, but it is still good to know.

One thought on “BT Sport to screen IndyCar Series until 2015

  1. How many people actually watch on BT? Despite being a long time fan of Indycar I haven’t switched to them from Sky, it’s just not worth the added expense or from what I hear the inconsistency with the coverage, which is a shame as Indycar is a fun series to watch. Bet its UK viewing figures have dropped since the switch from Sky. I’m staying with them as the F1 channel alone makes the monthly outlay worthwhile. Personally I wish IndyCar would go with MotorsTV, a far wider reach and a dedicated racing channel! C’est la vie.

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