Poll: Do you plan on following MotoGP in 2014?

This weekend, MotoGP’s coverage winds down on both the BBC and Eurosport, with BT Sport covering the series from 2014.

The F1 Broadcasting Blog today poses a simple question: do you plan on following MotoGP in 2014? The options are as follows:

Option A – Yes, I will continue to follow MotoGP via BT Sport – self explanatory. You have access to BT Sport currently and therefore will be following MotoGP in 2014.

Option B – Yes, I do not have access to BT Sport but will continue to follow MotoGP via other means – this does not necessarily mean ‘illegal streaming’ before anyone mentions that! It could be via the MotoGP website, AUTOSPORT or other outlets. After all, MotoGP’s YouTube channel is not too shabby…

Option C – No, I won’t be following MotoGP in 2014 – for those that have watched MotoGP in 2013 and before, but won’t be from 2014.

Option D – No, I don’t currently follow MotoGP and have no interest in doing so – you’ve never been a fan, and never will be, basically!

Option E – Undecided – self explanatory and could easily be, for example, a choice of the above three options come next April.

Option F – Poll does not apply to me – just so you don’t feel left out, foreign readers outside of the UK, click this option.

At the moment, I am somewhere between Option’s B and C in all honesty. I definitely will not have access to BT Sport before April, so it will be a case of either not following it at all, or ‘part time’, so to say. At this stage I would put myself (as I have done!) as an Option B. I have watched and followed MotoGP for the best part of a decade, and I don’t particularly want to give up easily! At the same time, I cannot justify getting BT Sport for the IndyCar Series, MotoGP and some Premier League games. The cost is too much for me, as it currently stands on top of the existing package I have.

How many people fall into the same boat as me? The poll is above, but more so use this as discussion rather than just the poll. If there are a few good opinions in the comments then I will publish a follow up blog in a few weeks time.

10 thoughts on “Poll: Do you plan on following MotoGP in 2014?

  1. I do not currently subscribe to BT Sport. My internet is with Virgin Media. (No hidden’ish line rental charge. Take note BT!) So I miss out on free BT Sport with my internet. I do have Sky, but am unwilling to fork out an extra £12 for just MotoGP and a few premiership games I’m not interested in. If they added nascar and formula e to their coverage I would be interested though!

  2. I have BT broadband and watch BT Sport on the webplayer or the iPad app for ‘free’. I can’t get it on TV though, no dish, no Infinity so can’t get BT TV, and I’m in a bad Freeview area.

    The one thing I miss will be timeshifting. I often watch MotoGP whenever I get time to fit it in by using BBC iPlayer. Unless BTS set up an online archive I’ll have to try to watch live next year.

  3. I moved to BT Broadband from Sky last March after their broadband team proved to be completely inept when it came to customer service – I’m really happy with the TV station so far, so look forward to the Moto GP 🙂

  4. Fortunately, BT Sport isn’t a separate subscription service like Sky Sports (like I thought it would be when this deal was first announced earlier on in the year) so since I have the XL TV package with Virgin, I will be able to carry on watching it.

  5. I’ve enjoyed Eurosport coverage for many many years and will miss their team.

    I sit somewhere between B & C in that if I can [il]legally stream it, I probably will; If not, then I’ll not be following. It’ll not be the same either way so as a fan I’m feeling pretty short changed by Dorna.

  6. I live in Jersey and can’t get BT Sport! Thanks Dorna. Idiots. I pay for Sky, I pay for Internet, Netflix and a TV licence. I’m not paying just to watch a few races a year.

  7. I subscribe to Sky TV Phone and Broadband. I don’t see why i should pay an extra £12 subscription to watch a few footy games and MotoGP. I am a really big fan of both, but i find the price extortionate. Compared to other TV suppliers £12 should entitle the subscriber to a lot more. If BT Sport were to lower the price and make it comparable, i may be interested. I too shall be streaming it through legal means as i need my GP fix.

  8. I’ll watch motogp F1 and more for free legally at home on the big tv just get a satellite kit complete from about £40 one off payment no subscription needed and point it at astra1 satellite. this is the satellite sky tv first used before moving onto astra2 satellite when sky went digital in the 90’s ?. all you’re doing is picking up free tv from Germany legally EU Regs etc. you get loads of free tv Sport1 a German sports chan has motogp free for 2014 at least. RTL Has F1.free, Eurosport Germany free has WSBK and loads of other German TV channels They have lots of sport etc Bundasliga2 German FA CUP. UK FA CUP. Champs lge. Boxing. pdc darts euro basketball etc etc only downside commentary is in German. for free i cant complain it saves me 100’s £££££ each year.

  9. An absolute joke , once again the fat cats behind the scenes, all they’re interested in is making money, whilst ruining the sports people love to watch, myself included, £12/15(HD)+£15 activation fee per month to watch MotoGP . Out of principle I will not be paying these crazy prices, daylight robbery. As someone has already stated I already pay a TV licence, Sky TV, Broadband and phone subscription, Netflix. When will it end !! It’s only TV ffs
    So thank you BT for ruining a sport I’ve loved and followed for many years.

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