North One wins BT Sport MotoGP production deal

North One Television will produce BT Sport’s coverage of the MotoGP World Championship for the duration of the contract, it was confirmed today.

The five year contract, worth £30 million according to Broadcast, works out at approximately £6 million a year, which is not too far away from the Formula 1 production rights for BBC and ITV respectively pre-2012. North One of course were the company that produced ITV’s Formula 1 coverage before 2009, so are definitely experts in the field.

North One’s chief executive, Neil Duncanson said: “It’s nice to be involved in a big name motorsport again. It will give the business a bit more scale and enable us to bring some youngsters on board too.” Head of BT Sport Simon Green said: “North One has a wealth of experience in motorsport production and we look forward to working with them to develop ground breaking MotoGP coverage in the UK.” It is worth noting that the news itself is not too surprising, and is expected given that North One helped BT get the rights in the first place.

Another point that I need to make is that the production documents will include the details of the talent that will be involved in the coverage, should they win. Now that North One have won, it won’t be too long before we find out who those talents named in the brief are. Two plus two equals four, and yesterday eagle eyed people may have spotted an interesting tweet from a well known face who has covered two wheels and four wheels. I’m not going to link to it (just in case I am barking up the wrong tree), but yesterday was apparently an “exciting day” with “exciting news”, and a wink at the end. Related, possibly? We shall see soon find out…

2 thoughts on “North One wins BT Sport MotoGP production deal

  1. I assume this is only the technical production side and not the content?

    If so then I think it’s a good thing for MotoGP fans who’ve shelled out to keep watching. Their technical standard was higher 4 years ago than Sky’s F1 coverage is today.

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