Motors TV joins Freeview via connected TV

From Thursday 27th February, Motors TV will be available to those with a Freeview HD or HD+ box, with an active internet connection only, it was confirmed today.

Arqiva’s Director of Hybrid TV, Digital Platforms Russ Armstrong said that “Motors TV is a brand that understands their audience and the various nuances between devices and platforms their audience engage on. Providing their content on the Freeview platform allows new viewers to discover their channel. Great content is as popular as ever and through Connect TV we’re working with broadcasters to ensure a seamless delivery of their channels.”

Frederic Viger, Head of Programming and Acquisitions at Motors TV, added “We’re delighted to be joining the Freeview family through Arqiva’s Connect TV. Scores of motor sport fans will now have access to the widest and most diverse range of live, delayed and highlights programming that features both international and domestic championships. It was something that prospective viewers had been calling for and I’d like to think that we’ve responded to their wishes. The proliferation of internet-connected television made this a very attractive platform.”

An interesting take on things from Motors TV, although I find it ironic that it is only available to those with a HD box, despite Motors TV being anything but high definition. Still, it is good to see Motors TV heading to Freeview, albeit for those who only have the box connected to the internet.


7 thoughts on “Motors TV joins Freeview via connected TV

  1. o my all this free live racing cars. only bad point is because its streamed wont be able to record it and the v8 supercars from oz maybe at silly o’clock on sunday morning.

    At this rate i wont miss the f1 or moto gp as it disappears behind the paywall.

  2. The only thing I don’t understand is why can’t MotorsTV, which is essentially moving onto freeview HD with those with an internet enabled TV, just be streamed for free online. My TV becomes internet enabled when I connect my laptop to it. What is the difference between what I could do and what they plan to do, the only difference I see is that it’s my laptop and not the TV picking up the internet signal. If it costs no extra to get it via your TV, then why not stream it online? Surely greater numbers online anyway?

  3. james is right it is bit odd. anyone know if it will be on freesat? as it does not make sense to have it free on freeview but not free online pc streaming and freesat

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