BT Sport to continue showing IndyCar until 2022

BT Sport are to continue showing the IndyCar Series through ESPN for the next seven years, it has been confirmed.

The announcement today said that BT Sport’s and ESPN’s integral relationship will be continuing, with IndyCar continuing as a result on ESPN. The announcement said that: “Among a wide range of content, programming supplied during the course of the agreement will typically feature the Verizon IndyCar Series, NCAA College Football and Basketball, X Games, the AFL (Australian Football League) and more.”

I assume that the agreement is from January 2015 to December 2022, or something of that effect (assuming BT Sport is still in operation in 2022 and that the landscape has not changed dramatically again by then!). IndyCar has been shown through ESPN UK under BT Sport’s ownership since 2013 after Sky Sports stopped showing the series at the end of the 2012 season.


2 thoughts on “BT Sport to continue showing IndyCar until 2022

  1. That’s a brave agreement for BT to make in this kind of broadcasting climate. Personally I think they’ll overstretch themselves they’ve got 2 channels plus ESPN.. So how they will be able to handle ALL the champions league matches is beyond me. I cant see BT sport lasting another 2 years to be honest given the amount of money they are spending and how small their audience is. But we’ll see

  2. Indy cars are faster on top speed than F1. Their races are longer. Their top races are faster. Their races are longer. There are more cars per race. The finishes are closer. There is more overtaking. There are more lead changes. If you do not yet follow this series you are missing the World’s best open wheel series.

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