Suzi Perry not part of Channel 4’s F1 team, but what about Eddie Jordan?

It is official – Suzi Perry is not part of Channel 4’s Formula 1 team. This evening, the former BBC F1 presenter confirmed on Twitter that she would not be part of the channel’s new line-up, whilst also ruling herself out of a Top Gear role.

To regular blog readers, the news should not be a surprise given that this site first reported the information on January 16th. It looks like, barring a major change of direction, that Steve Jones will be leading Channel 4’s coverage when the Formula 1 paddock arrives in Melbourne for the Australian Grand Prix.

The other major story this evening, first reported by Radio Times and then The Guardian, that Eddie Jordan will be part of BBC’s new Top Gear team. The Guardian believes that Jordan’s Top Gear deal “is almost certain to be finalised in the coming days.” That news comes at loggerheads to Charles Sale’s report a few weeks back which claimed Jordan will be part of Channel 4’s F1 team. It is highly unlikely that Jordan will be part of both teams, so one report is right and the other is wrong. I’m leaning towards Radio Times with this one. It’s plausible that Jordan could balance Top Gear with Channel 4’s live races only, but I don’t see it happening.

The Guardian’s report (if true) eliminates another player that could have been a permanent part of Channel 4’s team. Based on the survey results from the beginning of January, you would have to hope that Channel 4 have managed to get either Mark Webber or Allan McNish on-board. If not, then you’re looking towards Graeme Lowdon or Susie Wolff. Martin Whitmarsh ruled himself out two weeks ago, whilst Lowdon as part of Manor have today confirmed a Le Mans entry.

In 42 days, the lights will go out for the first practice session of the 2016 season. In 43 days, Channel 4’s first highlights programme goes to air. And yet, there is still a lot to learn…

Update on February 11th – Eddie Jordan now confirmed as a member of the Top Gear team.


10 thoughts on “Suzi Perry not part of Channel 4’s F1 team, but what about Eddie Jordan?

  1. No EJ on c4 is a blow, hopefully they’ve got a controversial figure to take that spot in the lineup or c4s coverage could end up as flat as sky’s

  2. Well that’s good news. Perry is bloody useless in my opinion. Obviously picked to be eye candy to try and pull in the casual punter.

  3. i find it sad, that its now looking unlikely that EJ would be on C4. He was the only reason I watched any of the post and pre race coverage these last few years. But, if true, I’d be happy watching him on Sunday evenings instead. I think/ hope this means that Webber will be part of the coverage.

  4. Channel 4 simply need a presenter who understands F1 and Motorsport, not Steve Jones. It is an idiotic choice. C4 need to sort theirself out quickly.

  5. No Eddie Jordan is a shame despite him being a marmite character for a lot of people. Steve jones certainly isn’t someone i would go for but if true i think it’s only fair to give him a chance, for all we know he might love f1 as much as we all do and be pretty much in the know with f1 knowledge. Fingers crossed mark webber or mcnish and lee Mckenzie are on board.

  6. I don’t see the point of EJ on Top Gear.

    He was on the F1 coverage because of background in the sport. What would he bring to TG?

    I was never really a fan of EJ on the BBC but it wasn’t quite the same without him.

  7. EJ on top gear, oh dear. Do not like Chris Evans, that friends guy means nothing to me.
    The little I saw of EJ on the beeb F1, cant say I enjoyed any of it, he does drone on.
    Be watching the proper TG team on amazon anyway, TG on beeb for me is a no show.

  8. YES YES YES, great news on the no Perry front.

    I suspect the EJ on Flop Gear is a contractual issue.

    He’s probably on a Pay-or-Play option for 2016 and the BBC have been trying to decide whether to pay him off or get some work out of him.

    Unfortunately for Flop Gear, it looks like they’ve decided to put him on air :/

    1. Am surprised about EJ on Top Gear. I don’t care for Chris Evans, but Matt Le Blanc seemed like an inspired choice. EJ does not.

      Last summer Suzi Perry wrote a big piece in either the Times or Telegraph. She sounded enthusiastic about Top Gear in principle, but pointed out she couldn’t have a regular role due to her F1 commitments. Hence I’m surprised she is ruled out for the job.

      Given they have a fresh start in terms of presenting line up, I expected the Tony Hall women policy would mean they needed more than a single female (Sabine Nurburgring), and Suzi Perry is a natural fit, given her previous experience is presentation first with motorsport a close second.

      EJ made sense on an F1 show, even if you just enjoyed his village idiot style of light relief. Apart from professional idiocy, I’ve never heard him talk coherently about anything other than F1 – so am not sure what he has to offer “new” Top Gear?

      I really hope the new show doesn’t try and emulate the contrived car challenges that were becoming tiresome and repetitive even before Clarkson’s fracas.

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