The Chain remains Formula 1’s signature theme in the UK

The Chain is heading with Formula 1 to Channel 4, it has been confirmed.

The Chain, by Fleetwood Mac, has always been the BBC’s Formula 1 theme tune irrespective of whether the corporation was covering the Grand Prix just on TV, or on both television and radio. Last December, BBC surrendered the television rights, with Channel 4 picking the rights up.

It might be seen as a surprising move considering that ITV did not take The Chain on, and Sky Sports went for Just Drive by Alistair Griffin. In a post last month, blog readers suggested a lot of theme tunes to potentially replace The Chain.

But nevertheless, it looks like Channel 4 and Whisper Films have no intention to break The Chain. I’m happy with the news considering that to some people, The Chain is Formula 1. The reaction on social media to the news has been extremely positive with Jenson Button and Karun Chandhok getting in on the act.

In the words of Channel 4: “Dum der der dum der der dum dum dum dummm…”

Update on February 13th – For reasons unknown, the @Channel4 Twitter account removed both tweets related to The Chain yesterday, but the tweet remains on @C4Press. The news is definitely true, as opposed to a rogue tweet. I suspect they wanted to announce it via @C4Press as opposed to @Channel4, but rolled with it initially when they saw the attention the @Channel4 tweets were getting.


20 thoughts on “The Chain remains Formula 1’s signature theme in the UK

  1. Awesome. Already c4’s coverage has a leg up over sky. The Chain never fails to bring goosebumps. Bom bombombom bombombombombom bommmmmmmm…..

    1. Im watching the barain gp on c4 and im so gutted c4 have dropped the chain as its theme song please bring the chain back to c4 its bad enough im watching hilights of f1 because i cant affored pissed of f1 fan…

  2. I’m one of the stubborn lot.

    The Chain isn’t Formula 1.
    The Chain is BBC Formula 1 and should remain exclusively so.

  3. Many Thanks to whoever arranged to continue with The Chain as F1 title music. For me, the best introduction to any sport on any channel.

  4. erm, did Jack picking forgot bbc radio 5 live will still have radio of the F1 races. therefore we will here the chain a lot

    1. Never listened to F1 on the radio.
      Never knew they played title music on there, just would have thought they would say that’s the news and now over to f1.
      Not sure it would work the same as tv, you would be wanting to see the yearly changing video and action with it too, surely its just like a radio music track then.
      Suppose people travelling in cars and listen to it and start playing along on the steering wheel when they hear it, maybe!.
      Back to C4, shame they did this really, not that innovative.
      Did the BBC pay any rights for having it, maybe they sold them.
      BBC might get F1 one day, but that will be their sports subscription service.

      1. first time ive ever heard it there. I’ve listened to quite a few live radio broadcasts of the races and ive never heard it then.

  5. No need to pay anyone else to compose new music just to be slapped down by fan hate moaning about the chain bring better.

  6. It gives the impression that C4 have a lack of imagination and are just trying to attract viewers by the popularity of The Chain. Just the announcement alone will get viewers to tune in.
    C4 generally do things well but this is a negative mark in my opinion.

  7. Perfect for true F1 fans, have watched every F1 programme with The Chain and it is perfect for F1. I agree that it shows low imagination from Channel 4 but if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

    Fleetwood Mac – The Chain, the ultimate tune for F1, lasted from 1978, doesn’t get boring & helps build tension.

  8. just to remind people its only 5 weeks to go before 1st race therefore Channel 4 had to be quick for the theme tune, the only thing missing now is the intro to the channel 4 F1 program. (plus who joining David Coluthard)

    1. Billy monga is presenting alongside coultard and steve jones a kid what are c4 doing and they have even got rid of the chain theme sing what is happening im well pissed off i camt affored to watch skys covrage of f1…and c4 aint allowed to do grid walks my sunday night is ruined by money bags sky

  9. Gutted the chain aint on c4 covrage of f1 were is it gone its bad enough i can only watch highlights of my beloved f1 i cant affored sky so bring back that theme song now c4

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