Channel 4 launches new Formula 1 website

Channel 4 have today launched their brand new Formula 1 website. The new website contains video content, news articles alongside blogs from the likes of Jolyon Palmer.

Whilst the site does not have a mass of content on there, it clearly is suited to the 21st century. Anyone expecting it to have the depth and breadth of the BBC’s offering in 2009 will be disappointed, but in the time frame, I think they have done a great job getting the site off the ground. Initial impressions are positive, and the advert that is on there is not obtrusive in the slightest.

The homepage of Channel 4's new Formula 1 website.
The homepage of Channel 4’s new Formula 1 website.

I’m a fan of the automatically generated Twitter section at the foot of the homepage, as it encourages others to head onto their Twitter feed and look at the other picture content. The website will only feel busier as the weekend progresses. I’m certainly liking the look and feel of it, so all in all a great starting point going forward.

Something that might concern people is that there doesn’t seem to be hints yet of any interactivity, specifically surrounding the extra feeds that BBC offered online and via the Red Button service. How any live content will be integrated into the above, if at all, we don’t know.


8 thoughts on “Channel 4 launches new Formula 1 website

    1. BBc showed it because they used their radio commentary and they had the rights to show the action as well. I guess as there is no need to commentate on practise by C4 on the highlights round, they have no commentary. however I would like it if they have Ben on post session comms over the main highlights.

      1. Not strictly true. Remember Channel 4’s commentary is provided to other countries. Edwards and Dodgins commentated on FP1 today. Edwards and Chandhok for FP2

      2. really? must have missed that. which countries is it being broadcast in?

  1. Nice to see they have a website and looks nice and simple to use.
    Will they have the live qualy and races on there as streams? Hope its not just through their awful all4.

  2. I like the new Ch4 website but it is not comprehensive so I use it in conjunction with the excellent BBC F1 website which is still fully operational and includes live text reporting of all practise, qualifying and race sessions for every race.
    The BBC website is a stand alone service which links into the 5Live coverage with videos of comments and interviews from the 5Live team.

  3. Just watching the coverage . First thought is that if we are going to get constant adds I’m off

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