Discovery channels to remain on Sky platform

Discovery Communications’ channels are to remain on the Sky platform, the broadcaster has confirmed tonight.

The broadcaster released the following statement through their social media channels.

This means that Sky’s customers in the UK can continue to enjoy Eurosport’s portfolio of content, including the British Superbikes and the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

From Discovery’s perspective, the move to release information into the public domain about potential issues with Sky worked wonders. It increased publicity about their channels over the week long period, which some may not have already been aware of as well as maybe even bringing new viewers towards their portfolio.

We do not know where exactly Sky and Discovery have met in the middle. If Sky have had to pay more than what they wanted to Discovery, it is possible that they will pass the additional cost back onto the viewer.

However, Sky’s CEO in the UK and Ireland Stephen van Rooyen said: “The deal has been concluded on the right terms after Discovery accepted the proposal we gave them over a week ago. This is a good outcome for Sky customers.” With that in mind, it is unclear who actually won in the past week from a financial point of view.


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