Scheduling: The 2018 24 Hours of Le Mans

The famous endurance race returns, it is time for the 24 Hours of Le Mans!

Forming part of the 2018-19 World Endurance Championship season, the race airs live across Discovery Network’s portfolio of channels. The complete race airs live on Eurosport, with supplementary live coverage also airing on Quest TV, as has been the case for the past four years, helping Le Mans reach a wider audience. However, ITV4’s coverage does not return this year.

Eurosport are upping the ante, with what they are claiming is to be their biggest Le Mans production to date. Jennie Gow switches from Formula 1 to endurance racing, joining the Eurosport team in pit lane alongside Sam Hancock.

It is a different feel to the Eurosport line-up this year, with one of their staple figures, Martin Haven moving to WEC’s in-house team. Carlton Kirby and Mark Cole lead Eurosport’s commentary, joined by Le Mans winners Eric Hilary, Benoit Treluyer, Henri Pescarolo, and Tom Kristensen.

Outside of the traditional television spectrum, qualifying and the race airs live via WEC’s app for £8.99. Alongside Haven are WEC regulars Toby Moody and Allan McNish, joined by Karun Chandhok, Peter Dumbreck, and Julian Porter.

Wednesday 13th June (Eurosport)
15:00 to 19:10 – Practice
20:45 to 23:10
=> 20:45 – Extra
=> 21:00 – Qualifying 1

Thursday 14th June (Eurosport)
17:45 to 23:10
=> 17:45 – Extra
=> 18:00 – Qualifying 2
=> 20:15 – Extra
=> 21:00 – Qualifying 3

Saturday 16th June
08:00 to 09:00 – Warm Up (Eurosport)
12:00 to 23:59 (Eurosport)
=> 12:00 – Build-Up
=> 12:45 – Legends of Le Mans Highlights
=> 13:00 – On the Grid with Tom Kristensen
=> 13:45 – Race
13:30 to 15:00 – Race Start (Quest TV)
22:00 to 23:00 – Saturday Evening (Quest TV)

Sunday 17th June
00:00 to 14:35 (Eurosport)
=> 00:00 – Race
=> 08:00 – Highlights of the Night
=> 14:15 – Extra
10:00 to 14:30 – Race Conclusion (Quest TV)

As always, the post will be updated if anything changes.


6 thoughts on “Scheduling: The 2018 24 Hours of Le Mans

  1. It might be worth adding that Radiolemans, the trackside English speaking radio station (91.2 FM for those going to the race) is online in the UK for the whole of the meeting.

    Brilliant coverage, with seasoned motorsport commentators/ experts/ pit reporters. Very entertaining, often irreverant- sort of Test Match Special for sports car racing.

    I’ve been to the race for the last 3 years and it is an invaluable service.

    Unfortunately I can’t go this year but I’ll be listening to this with WEC app pictures.

  2. Perhaps I’m missing something but I’m not seeing any Le Mans shows in Quest’s EPGs on Freeview or their website.

      1. Thanks.

        I was going to post that Quest had better update the schedules soon or people will assume they aren’t showing anything.

        However, during the day today they have updated things to match what you published above. Perhaps next time you could put them down for the full 24 hours 🙂

        The 3 hour start show and the 4.5 hour closer is impressive. I don’t think they went that long before, but they had more short updates during the evening and morning.

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