Steve Jones to continue as Channel 4’s Formula 1 presenter

Steve Jones has confirmed that he will continue to present Channel 4’s Formula 1 programming this year.

Jones has hosted Channel 4’s coverage since its inception in 2016, presenting both their live and highlight races. With Channel 4’s coverage changing for 2019 because of Sky’s exclusive Formula 1 deal, Jones will present the races in highlights form, as well as live coverage of the British Grand Prix.

Writing on his Twitter feed, Jones said “I’m back in 2019! Here I am in the gym pumping some serious iron, like the drivers, I need to be in peak condition to hold some heavy @C4F1 mic this season. See you in Melbourne.”

In his presenting role, Jones has impressed during the past three seasons, gelling well inside the Formula 1 paddock and with the on-air pundits alongside him including David Coulthard, Eddie Jordan, and Mark Webber.

Jones is the first person to officially confirm that he will be returning in an on-air role, although Coulthard is expected to return as analyst given his close involvement with production company Whisper Films, the Scotsman referencing C4 F1 on his Twitter feed last week.

Lee McKenzie and Karun Chandhok are not returning to Channel 4’s coverage for 2019, McKenzie focusing on activities outside of Formula 1, whilst Chandhok has signed up with Sky Sports for this season.

As revealed before Christmas, John Curtis, who previously worked with Sky, is now leading up Whisper Films’ F1 production team, with Mark Wilkin stepping aside, whilst the length of the individual race edits are set to decrease slightly compared with previous years.

An official announcement on Channel 4’s finalised coverage plans for the 2019 season is expected imminently.


8 thoughts on “Steve Jones to continue as Channel 4’s Formula 1 presenter

  1. Lol great news. Steve and his pranks is like a breath of fresh air.

    Anybody know if Ben Edwards is going to be race commentator?

    1. I certainly hope Ben’s not out of work (now that the FOM season reviews seem to be the YouTube highlights now), but even still I can’t believe Sky didn’t snap him up.

  2. I like the Welsh charmer (Previously host of a show called sex box! Yes really! But then one’s career twists and turns occasionally) He is a great presenter and has troubled to learn a decent amount about F1 so as not to look stupid. In addition his outside pieces with DC are good. In fact he could do a whole series of those with DC as a separate project to rival Ch4’s Travel Man series (In which Richard Ayoade and a tv celeb guest travel to somewhere for 48 hours and Richard doesn’t like anything much about it, wherever it is. It always has overtones of the film “In Bruges” to me!)

    I often wondered if anyone would be brave enough to have Eddie Irvine as a pundit, someone apparently has Villneuve which is bad enough.

  3. Very happy about this! I presume that would include DC too. I am so pleased it will still be available to see this season. Their highlights shows are always great. Yes not live, but have to accept it is the way of the world now. Let’s hope they can cut a deal for 2020 onwards!

  4. I am not a fan of Steve Jones, but he has fit into the role and the group well. I think that Mark Webber & Eddie Jordan will be alternated as Pundits, plus both attend the British GP. I can also picture somebody like Nigel Mansell being offered to join for the British GP as a one-off.

    Presenter: Steve Jones
    Analysts: DC + Alternate between Mark & Eddie
    Commentator: Ben Edwards
    Co-Commentator: DC
    Reporter: Tom Clarkson

  5. I shall miss Lee McKenzie, she filled the Louise Goodman role very well, and obviously knew a lot more about F1 than her pit lane reports included. (As was occasionally revealed when she was allowed to join the pundits in the last few minutes and in her one to one interviews.
    Karun will need replacing, a tech bod is needed (more tech than DC)

  6. I am almost 78 years old and shall be attending my 60th British Grand Prix, I live in Llanelli South Wales , keep up the good work, regards John Hughes

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