Gavin Emmett to lead BT Sport’s MotoGP commentary team as Quirk joins line-up

Gavin Emmett is to become BT Sport’s lead MotoGP commentator for the 2021 season, the broadcaster has confirmed.

Emmett succeeds Keith Huewen as their lead, following Huewen’s decision to step down after the 2020 season. Emmett steps up to the role having been part of BT’s coverage since its inception in 2014, primarily serving as reporter and co-commentator.

Motorsport Broadcasting understands that Neil Hodgson will join Emmett for the main MotoGP series, with Michael Laverty joining him for Moto2. Hodgson and Laverty will then rotate on a race-by-race alongside Emmett to cover the Moto3 class.

As a result of Emmett’s promotion, BT have brought Natalie Quirk into the MotoGP fold. Quirk will serve as MotoGP reporter, also presenting some segments of the programme in a similar vein to Emmett previously.

Quirk has been part of BT Sport’s wider programming since 2014, as both presenter and reporter. In recent years, Quirk has led BT’s speedway offering, both domestically and internationally.

Currently, Quirk serves as one of BT’s regular football presenters, presenting coverage of the UEFA Europa League and The National League, amongst others.

The rest of BT’s line-up remains the same, with Suzi Perry continuing to present the broadcaster’s main MotoGP offering.

Last month, BT and MotoGP confirmed that the pay-TV channel will continue to broadcast the series until the end of the 2024 season, extending their current rights deal by an additional three seasons.

BT to remain in UK for the first 5 rounds

The pay-TV broadcaster will remain in the UK for at least the first 5 rounds this season, Motorsport Broadcasting can confirm.

BT began 2020 covering MotoGP from Triumph’s UK headquarters in Hinckley, before relocating to the BT Tower in London from September onwards.

I understand that BT’s presentation will continue from the BT Tower as the 2021 season gets underway due to the ongoing international travel restrictions.

The UK government hopes to ease international travel restrictions on May 17th. On that basis, BT intends to present their Mugello offering on-site over the weekend of May 28th to May 30th, but this is subject to change.

BT cannot realistically present their coverage on-site before then, as all their UK based talent would need to quarantine upon arrival back in the UK.

This is not an issue for the crew working on Sky’s Formula 1 coverage, as F1 has an exemption in place with the UK government meaning that their talent do not need to quarantine after returning from a race weekend.

The 2021 MotoGP season gets underway in Qatar on Sunday 28th March.

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12 thoughts on “Gavin Emmett to lead BT Sport’s MotoGP commentary team as Quirk joins line-up

    1. Sorry but he must be the worst moto gp comentater ever bt must be scrapping the barrel to employ this clown Toby moody would have been my choice or steve parrish my opinion

      1. Couldn’t agree more. His commentary sounds more like an interview. Focus on the race Gavin!

  1. We watched the ITV4 coverage tonight. Frankly the coverage was shocking, no excitement in portraying what’s happening on track, missing incidents happening on screen and a couple of silent pauses. Might have to give up watching and just catch the headlines post race. Shame.

  2. Part of the excitement of motorbike racing is hearing the bikes.On Itv the bikes were silent, the commentary was the usual drivel regardless of who is commentating and the actual visual coverage was poor. I turned off the commentary and then just turned the lot off. In future turn the sound of the bikes up end turn the commentary down. LET US HEAR THE BIKES.

  3. Gavin Emmett ruined the race for me! Shut up!! Anyone but him.. I like Neil and Michael ..But Gavin no we dont need the whole race talked over please shut up!!!

  4. Please give us a break from Gavin Emmett, his commentary is abysmal, he talks far too much about nothing, it spoils the viewing a replacement would be a really good idea.

  5. Get rid of him (gavin emmet) mister SMARMY and that plastic looking female who seems to have fixed eyebrows, what an example to set the younger ones, sorry you don’t need to have face lifts and work done. You are what you are

  6. Motogp commentary has never been better, Hodgson, Guintoli, Emmet and Laverty are superb, backed up by Suzi Perry and Natalie Quirk..they are all extremely knowledgeable at the same time as having a laugh and joke, eat yer heart out f1…

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