Over 4 million viewers tune into Drive to Survive’s opening weekend

The fourth season of Formula 1’s Drive to Survive kicked off with over 4 million viewers watching across its opening weekend, audience data from Netflix reveals.

Since launch, Netflix audience data has been unavailable for the general public to analyse.

That changed last Summer, when the corporation opted to release weekly data, showing how well their top 10 shows perform week-on-week.

What the data shows for Drive to Survive

Netflix releases weekly data each Tuesday, with the data release on March 15th covering the week ending March 13th, encompassing the first three days of Drive to Survive season 4.

The audience figures show that fans consumed 28.01 million hours of Drive to Survive during the opening weekend, equating to an average of 4.14 million viewers worldwide so far.

In comparison, season 5 of The Last Kingdom, which premiered two days earlier than Drive to Survive, was consumed for 63.54 million hours, equating to an average of 6.97 million viewers so far.

Caution needs to be taken when analysing the data, as the raw average for every series will be higher than reported in the data release. The data released by Netflix does not account for the fact that multiple people will be watching the series around one ‘viewing’ or TV set at the same time.

At most, this will likely push the Drive to Survive average closer to 5 or 5.5 million viewers for the opening weekend.

Drive to Survive: Season 4 – week ending March 13th, 2022
28.01 million hours consumed…
…which is the same as 1.6806 billion minutes…
…divided by 406 minutes
…results in an average of 4.14 million viewers per minute

Netflix data analysed by Motorsport Broadcasting

Nevertheless, for the first time, we have a true indication of how many people are viewing Drive to Survive on Netflix. These figures will only increase as the weeks progress.

To put the Netflix data into wider context, data from F1 shows that around 70 million viewers on averaged watched each Grand Prix in 2021.

It is difficult to conclude whether these figures are good or bad given that we have no historical reference points to compare against.

Drive to Survive popular in non-F1 territories, but fails to make US top 10

The data for the opening weekend, shows that Drive to Survive was the most watched show in Norway.

The impact of Max Verstappen is clear in the data so far, with the opening weekend being the 2nd most watched show in both Belgium and the Netherlands.

Drive to Survive was also the 2nd most watched show in non-F1 territories, such as the Czech Republic, Ireland and South Africa.

The series, which made its debut in 2019, also made the top 10 for the week in key F1 territories, including the UK, Australia, Canada, France, Mexico, Germany and Italy.

Surprisingly, the series failed to make the top 10 in the US, where it is suggested that Drive to Survive has had a big impact on the championship’s stature increasing stateside.

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