Thank you for visiting this blog. This blog will mainly focus on the broadcasting aspects within Formula 1 as well as the people behind the broadcasting. As an avid Formula 1 fan since 1999 (then the age of 7!), I’ve been thinking about doing a Formula 1 blog for a while, but have not really been sure in what format to do it in. I didn’t want to do the ordinary ‘blog every day, write about the race and what was good and bad about it’, because let’s be honest, that’s covered in the majority of the other Formula 1 blogs. Some of which, are well worth a read.

But when I noticed that the F1 Broadcasting URL was free on WordPress, it was too good an opportunity to turn down, so ‘grabbed’ the URL while it was available. I don’t plan to update this blog every day, but do plan to update it periodically with my thoughts and rambles on the broadcasting aspects. Inevitably, I will discuss the racing at one or two points, or if there is something I have a strong opinion on, which is ‘too big for a forum post’.

Which brings me on to another point. If you’re reading this, chances are, you have already read my posts elsewhere. I’m a frequent contributor on Digital Spy and Autosport Forums, so if you think the posting style is similar, you’re definitely not mistaken, in the words of one broadcasting legend. If you haven’t seen my posts on there, then chances are, you’ve grabbed this off a link on Twitter. And if  you’ve found this from Google (other search engines available), then a warm welcome to you too.



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