Tom Clarkson doing Lee McKenzie’s job this weekend

As noted by Ben Constanduros on Twitter, Tom Clarkson is in Lee McKenzie’s role of interviewing the drivers for BBC F1 this weekend. Clarkson has been part of the BBC team in some capacity before, he worked as co-commentator alongside David Croft for BBC Radio 5 Live at Korea 2010, commentating on the first practice session.

This is not Clarkson’s first Formula 1 broadcasting role this year. As Australian readers may know, he was part of the TEN Sport line-up for the Australian Grand Prix back in March. Looking at some other sites on the internet, it appears Clarkson was part of the TEN Sport line-up last year, although I’m not sure what exactly.

Aside from his roles in broadcasting, he is also one of the editors for F1 Racing magazine, so chances are if you have bought that particular publication in the past, you have read one of his articles.

Constanduros has not stated on Twitter if Clarkson is covering Europe, Germany and Hungary as well while the roles are adjusted slightly in the BBC F1 team.

Update on 14th June: Clarkson is indeed covering Europe, Germany and Hungary as noted here by McKenzie.

2 thoughts on “Tom Clarkson doing Lee McKenzie’s job this weekend

  1. Is it just me that thinks Lee’s tweet to you seems a bit annoyed that you “wondered”??

    I’m afraid I don’t like her presenting style or her “how do you feel” questions to drivers and it doesn’t really surprise me that she didn’t move to Sky with the rest of the BBC team last year.

    Tom Clarkson seemed to do well and when he did the driver interviews he seemed to have a good rapport and style.

    Hopefully when Jake returns, Tom will remain as on-screen talent (not that we know what he looks like). BBC should continue to seek out new and undiscovered talent. I note Sarah Holt is no longer a part of the team as her twitter profile says she’s now freelance.

    I only discovered this blog today, so let me say to whoever is behind it – keep up the great work!

    1. Firstly, thanks for the compliment!

      I don’t normally like to read things into tweets, that particular tweet is two months old so I don’t want to read too much into it, really.

      Personally I like her as a presenter and a reporter, she seems to get the right answers out of drivers’ and seems to get along well with them. As for her presenting, highlights shows don’t let you excel as well because it is “straight to the point” due to the nature of it, whereas live TV you have some time to play with, for example with the forum. I don’t think it is a really fair criticism, she did present live for Japan 2010 and was fine there from what I (vaguely!) remember.

      Myself, if I had the choice then I’d be thinking about replacing Natalie Pinkham with Rachel Brookes or Clarkson over at Sky. When Brookes replaced Pinkham at Germany, she seemed to me better as a Sky F1 reporter than Pinkham. But that’s just me.

      Sarah Holt left BBC at the end of last season and covers other sports now I believe, while still doing a bit of F1 here and there.

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