Canadian Grand Prix: The ratings around Europe

While this blog does tend to focus on the United Kingdom television and broadcasting picture, along with the respective ratings, of course, the UK is only one small part of the puzzle. Around Europe, Formula 1 found itself overshadowed by football.

In Spain, the race had 5 million viewers, with a 33.5% viewing share on Antena 3. The figure was significantly lower than the 10 million viewers that watched Spain versus Italy, but higher than the 1.76 million that watched Ireland vs Croatia. Over in Italy, the race started on Rai 2 before switching to Rai 1 twenty-five minutes into the race. The Rai 2 portion had 5.67 million (25.7%), with the Rai 1 portion recording 7.93 million (32.4%). In comparison, Italy’s Euro 2012 game a mammoth 12.7 million, a 62.7% viewing share.

In the Netherlands, according to rating bureax Kijkonderzoek, where there are no Formula 1 drivers of course, the race had 537 thousand viewers, a 7.7% share, on RTL7. The football there recorded 4 million viewers, again with a mammoth share – this time of 65.7%. In France, looking at these comments, it appears the F1 was not actually broadcast live there last night thanks to their election coverage.

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