100 and not out

Last night I wrote my 99th post for this blog, which means that this is post number 100.

I started the blog off in April, but I was never sure whether it would continue, or whether people would read. I am extremely pleased that even three months on, the blog is still going and getting stronger. Since April, the blog has received over 5,000 hits, which, for a F1 Broadcasting blog, is definitely a big achievement.

Here are the top 10 posts that have received the most views:

– 10. A few movers and shakers for this weekend and Silverstone, June 22nd
– 9. Canadian Grand Prix ratings hit six year low, June 11th
– 8. Ecclestone suggests the end is near for BBC F1… or is it?, June 7th
– 7. Scheduling: The German Grand Prix, July 14th
– 6. The benefits of putting Indy 500 on Sky Sports F1, May 23rd
– 5. British Grand Prix holds up well against Murray onslaught, July 9th
– 4. Monaco Grand Prix ratings suffer under British heat, May 28th
– 3. Scheduling: The British Grand Prix, June 28th
– 2. McLaren launch animation unit with new animation series ‘Tooned’ on Sky Sports F1, July 6th
– 1. Tom Clarkson doing Lee McKenzie’s job this weekend, June 9th

Another set of posts worth posting is what began this blog back in April, ‘The Verdict so Far’ posts, which apply just as much now as they did back then.

I also should thank everyone that has read the blog so far, and I hope the blog grows further into the future!

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