A few bits of housekeeping

Just a few bits of housekeeping worth letting you know about:

– You can now contact me via e-mail, the e-mail address is thef1broadcastingblog AT gmail DOT com, replacing the AT and DOT with the suitable symbols.
– I have adjusted the categories, specifically “‘The Verdict so Far’ series” category now has two sub-categories, one for April 2012 and one for August 2012. That is because, from next Tuesday, I will start pushing my mid-season F1 Broadcasting review online. Most of the content in the blogs will be taken from the April blogs, but will be updated and adapted where necessary.
– The Twitter outlook and the weekly Sky Sports F1 ratings posts will continue through the Summer break as usual. The Twitter counters for the past few weeks have been taken on Tuesday’s due to being on holiday, but I expect that to revert to Monday as of next week.
– The News Articles posts after each race are no longer, mainly because it was link farming, and in my opinion did not really add much to the blog, so I have ditched it.

Those of you that read my Twitter will know that the blog has broken 7,000 hits, which I think is fantastic for a relatively niche topic. I was unsure in April whether the blog would take off or slide into oblivion, and I am glad to see that it has taken off, slowly, but surely. Thank you to all of you that have read the blog, and I hope the blog continues to be a sucess.


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