Formula 1 websites and their popularity

One thing I have not really focussed on during this blog is how well Formula 1 sites perform and which sites receive more hits than others. So I thought it would be a good time to have a look at a few Formula 1 websites and see where they rank in the world.

The key here is “the lower the rank, the higher the hits”.

– 2,367 – The official Formula 1 website
– 01 – 6,395 – AUTOSPORT
– 02 – 7,435 – ESPN F1
– 03 – 8,748 – Auto Motor Und Sport
– 04 – 16,684 –
– 05 – 17,133 –
– 06 – 32,329 –
– 07 – 33,942 –
– 08 – 68,531 –
– 09 – 90,149 – James Allen on F1
– 10 – 138,396 –
– 11 – 145,747 –
– 12 – 226,531 –

For reference, I have included the official Formula 1 website, which is significantly higher than the highest dedicated Formula 1 news site. Also, BBC F1 and Sky Sports F1 are excluded from the list as the figures are not on the Alexa Web Company website, and besides, their figure would dwarf the ones listed above.

AUTOSPORT unsurprisingly is top of the websites worldwide thanks to its weekly magazine, with ESPN and Auto Motor Und Sport in third. The latter is Germany’s main Formula 1 site so a lot of its traffic is generated from Central Europe from countries such as Germany along with Austria and Switzerland to name two examples. ESPN surprised me though given that it does not screen any Formula 1 in the United Kingdom, or in America. What you have to remember though is that ESPN is a big brand in America, so although they do not hold the broadcasting rights in America, it may well be the first portal for news for the majority of American Formula 1 fans. It is a bit like ITV over here, although they relinquished the Formula 1 rights in 2008, their website was so successful that they kept it for a further three years until traffic dropped significantly.

Behind the top three you have a gap in rank before PlanetF1 and GPUpdate are clustered together. PlanetF1 may surprise some, but as an indirect subsidiary of BSkyB it means that their website appears among many at the footer of the Sky Sports website, including the Sky Sports F1 homepage. So even if PlanetF1 may not be the most credible of news sites, the link may go some way to explain why it appears fourth in the twelve websites above. follows up in sixth, but considering the Crash website has both MotoGP and Formula 1 content, one of the few websites to do so, I do think that it should be further up in that both two wheel and four wheel fanbases should be attracted to the website. has done well for itself, but the same cannot be said for and Both have been online for nearly twenty years, but I would have thought that they should be higher because of their URL names, they are generic terms you would type into Google. So from that perspective, I would have expected them to be higher up. I do note that the latter is not being updated as much now, so I am not sure if it is on its way out. James Allen’s is not a news website as such, but I thought it would be an interesting inclusion as a personal blog while Pitpass and round off the list.

Source: Alexa Web Company. The ranks above are the three month average global traffic rank for each website taken on October 22nd, 2012. I think Alexa is the most reliable for tracking web analytics, but even if it is not, I thought it would be interesting to put these figures up for anyone interested.

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