Book releases

As you may or may not be aware, there are two F1 broadcasting book releases coming out, one that has already come out. They are:

“My Chequered Career: Thirty-five years of televising motorsport” by Steve Rider – released on October 4th, 2012
“The Inside Track: Paddocks, Pit Stops and Tales of My Life in the Fast Lane” by Jake Humphrey – releases on November 8th, 2012

Whilst I am more than likely going to buying both of their books, or probably having them as Christmas presents, I’ve made the decision not to review them. The reason being is that I don’t want to rush through the book for the sake of reviewing it. Instead, what I think I will end up doing is creating blogs on discussion points in the book, say if I see something in Rider’s book that raises an interesting point, then I will create a blog on it and ask for your opinions, as I have done with other blogs on this site.

Although I do have a lot of Formula 1 books, I don’t tend to finish them in a short time period and tend to spend a few months reading that book rather than rushing it to a deadline. I would also consider myself a writer rather than a reader (probably why I’m typing this right now!). The thing with reviewing books as well is that I am basically telling the reader whether to buy it or not. I would prefer the people reading the blog to make their mind up for themselves by buying the books rather than me blogging whether I like or dislike the book. It’s not often we get F1 broadcasting books out, so it would be counter-productive of me to slate both books in a blog, when it would be more useful to create a series of blog posts and viewpoints.

The thing about book reviews is that they don’t affect “the future”. I could say I dislike it, but it has no meaning, no bearing on the future. It is not like me reviewing a television product and saying my thoughts on that which, in theory although unlikely could be read, taken on board and have a bearing on the future. Humphrey is moving onto pastures new and Rider is coming to the end of his motor sport broadcasting tenure in the next five to ten years probably so my thoughts on either books will not be relevant in any way.

So for those wondering, the above is why I will not be reviewing either book, but instead I probably will be creating specific discussion point blogs on each book to better convey a particular point if there is anything I disagree or agree on.

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