Sky Italia to launch new F1 channel

Following on from the launch of Sky Sports F1 in the United Kingdom in March, it has been confirmed today that the Italian arm of Sky, Sky Italia will be launching Sky Sports F1 from March 1st.

From 2013, the structure of Formula 1 in Italy will be the same as it is here in the United Kingdom, with ten races live on Sky and the remaining live races on a free-to-air. The deal was announced back in June.

The press release issued is parallel to that United Kingdom readers will recognise – the channel will show every practice session, qualifying and race, with Sky Race Control also being a key feature in Italy. Sky Go is also noted in the press release, as is tablet PC’s and smartphones. For those interested, the initial BSkyB press release concerning the UK Sky Sports F1 channel can be found here. Unlike the UK press release though, the Italian press release issued today notes that the channel will be 24 hours, 7 days a week so it will be interesting to see if it sticks to that or whether that is just PR marketing talk.


One thought on “Sky Italia to launch new F1 channel

  1. I’m wary of those who claim that the viewing figures endorse the UK’s deal as a success or an “attractive” option (the latter comes from Jake Humphrey’s latest blog post).

    If you were to cut the mains water supply to a village and put a water bowser outside the town hall, it would probably be inappropriate to then say that because people are queuing up to use the water bowser that it’s a popular and attractive alternative to mains supply.

    For those without Sky, they now only have two options despite paying the same licence fee as in previous years: 1) Watch BBC coverage or 2) Don’t watch at all.

    It’s a little disingenuous to use the UK viewing figures as some sort of endorsement for this deal. In 2018 (when the current deal expires) it will be interesting to see what has happened to viewing figures & consequential sponsor interest.

    Of course, by then F1 will have been sold by its private equity owners (for a multi-billion profit, probably structured to look like a loss for tax purposes) so it won’t be their problem.

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