Racing Legends, a two part series, on BBC Two

Starting tonight and continuing tomorrow, Racing Legends pairs a celebrity with a legend as the celebrity retraces the steps of that particular racing legend.

Tonight’s episode at 20:00 on BBC Two follows Sir Patrick Stewart as he retraces the steps of three time Formula 1 champion Sir Stirling Moss, whilst tomorrow’s episode, also at 20:00 follows James Martin as he looks at the career of Sir Jackie Stewart. Patrick Stewart and Moss travel to Florence in Italy; Martin and Jackie Stewart head to the Alps and then onto the legendary Monza circuit.

Both programmes will be available on the BBC iPlayer for seven days after original transmission. This was meant to be a three part series, but the third part (Colin McRae and Sir Chris Hoy) has been pulled according to this post on AUTOSPORT Forum due to a ‘contractual problem’. The third part will therefore air at a later date.

6 thoughts on “Racing Legends, a two part series, on BBC Two

  1. Excellent documentary, it had an unusual spin on the traditional ‘Racing Legends’ type documentary, and as such it didn’t come across as something I’d seen 50 times before … And wasn’t Patrick Stewart enthusiastic, a breath of fresh air.

  2. Regarding the McRae episode, ‘contractual issues’ sounds like corporate PR. One suspects that the real reason the episode has been pulled is that after the Jimmy Saville debacle the BBC are nervous about celebrating, at Xmas or any other time, an undoubtedly great driver, but one whose recklessness allegedly caused the death of others. No doubt the programme was commissioned before the Saville scandal broke – I doubt it will now ever be shown. Moss and Stewart are safe role-model heroes; McRae a much more controversial figure, an anti-hero on whom opinion is likely to be divided. The BBC won’t be going there any time soon in my opinion, which is a shame, because it smacks of a lack of editorial bravery. I hope I’m wrong.

  3. Ep 2.

    James Martin really comes across as a knob … I hoped this doc’ would reverse the reputation he gained from his last motorsport effort, but it didn’t, I was cringing when he kept alluding that the 2 seater ‘single seater’ was an F1 car.

    However, JYS was as usual, brilliant. And again the documentary took an unusual look at a racing legend, that other racing legend series miss.

    I hope there will be more made … Our Nige would be entertaining.

  4. Just watched these for the second time and I’d say that they’ve been the best pieces of television over Christmas. Wonderful footage, good use of “talking heads” and it was moving to see Patrick Stewarts reaction to seeing the Merc.

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