Sky announces Italian team; extends contract in Germany

It has been a busy week for Sky oversees, with their Italian arm, Sky Italia, announcing the team for their new Sky Sport F1 channel, whilst Sky Deutschland has extended their contract with FOM.

This past Monday, Sky Italia announced their team for the 2013 season. Carlo Vanzini will commentate on the action alongside Marc Gene, as the two previously did from 2007 to 2009. Jacques Villeneuve, Fabiano Vandone and Sarah Winkhaus will also form part of the presentation team. With Villeneuve a permanent pundit for Sky Italia, it would make sense for him to occasionally appear on Sky Sports F1 in the UK during race weekends from time-to-time in exchange for someone else, so viewers’ on both sides benefit by getting different opinions.

As noted previously, the announcement also makes reference to many things that UK readers will be familiar with, such as the interactive mosaic, which has nine different options: the live Sky Sport F1 feed, three on-board channels, pit-lane channel, race control, live timing, driver tracker and a highlights feed. At the moment, there has been announcement by RAI concerning their F1 coverage in 2013, so it appears movement on that issue is in the lurch.

Over in Germany, SPEEDWEEK are reporting that Sky Deutschland will retain the rights to screen Formula 1 until 2015, alongside the deal already in place with RTL.

2 thoughts on “Sky announces Italian team; extends contract in Germany

  1. This is gonna be mildly hilarious when you have SkySport, Sky Sport and Sky Sports F1 HD all jockeying for camera position with almost identical logos on the equipment and uniform!

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