BBC axe 2012 opening titles

The BBC have dropped their 2012 Formula One opening title sequence, it has been revealed. Their Season Preview Magazine, available in all shops, says at the foot of page 21:

“F1 is never short of stories. It will be a pleasure for all of us involved in making the programmes, including James Allen and Jennie Gow on Radio 5 Live to bring the stories to life. Look out for new titles, watch Suzi as she finds out about life in the fast lane and enjoy F1 across the BBC.”

Although this seems a routine move, freshening up the intro with a new opening sequence, this is quite an odd one when you consider that the titles were introduced only last year. It may just be that they are changing a few of the clips in the intro, but the wording suggests it is a complete revamp. History shows that new Formula 1 intro sequences normally come around every three years, so this for me is a surprising move.

A History of F1 Opening Titles
1997 to 1999 – Jamiroquai
2000 to 2002 – Apollo 440: Blackbeat
2003 to 2005 – Bachman-Turner Overdrive: You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet
2006 to 2008 – Moby: Lift Me Up

2009 to 2011 – Fleetwood Mac: The Chain (Version 1)
2012 – Fleetwood Mac: The Chain (Version 2)

Sky Sports F1
2012 to present – Alistair Griffin: Just Drive

I assume (and hope) that the new titles still contain The Chain, but the magazine makes no mention of this. I have reached to BBC for a comment.

Update on March 2nd – The BBC have debuted their trailer to promote the new season today. In it contains The Chain, confirming that it will remain for 2013.


6 thoughts on “BBC axe 2012 opening titles

  1. Interesting move. The BBC titles last year weren’t too bad though. It’s the Sky opening sequence that for me most needs a change. It’s far to slow paced for the start of the program but good to end on. Just drive works better for an end sequence.

  2. Of course there has been a slight tweek to the Sky F1 opening titles. The 5 world champions who are currently on the grid are on there with shots from their winning races last year (eg Lewis at Austin etc)

  3. The BBC titles are a bit bland atm, so a revamp is good news, just so long as they keep the chain.

    Agreed Sky’s titles and especially the music are dreadful, and need a major overhaul, just like the presenting team.

  4. I would have been amazed and outraged if the BBC had changed from fleetwood mac its been the theme for as long as i can remember, long before ITV got their grubby mits on F1. As for the sky theme i guess i stand alone because i love both the music and film and always crank up the vol when it starts

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