ITV extend British Touring Car Championship contract

ITV have extended their contract with the British Touring Car Championship series, it was confirmed yesterday. Coverage will remain the same as it is now, with seven hours of live action on ITV4 and Qualifying being streamed online by

BTCC Series Director Alan Gow said: “ITV’s commitment to the BTCC is unrivalled in British motor sport. I’m absolutely delighted to have signed this new contract, which maintains the same vast level of free-to-air coverage the series currently enjoys until at least 2017. The determination from both parties to finalise this deal, more than a year before the expiration of our current contract, is testament to the strength and huge appeal of the BTCC. Many of our teams have been able to sign long-term deals with partners during what’s become a record-breaking age for the BTCC and this new broadcasting agreement will enable them to further build for the future. ITV’s commitment means that more than 230 hours of each BTCC season will be broadcast… and, of course, a great many more hours if we include ITV’s ‘+1 hour’ rebroadcast stations to those figures. This new deal further validates the unrivalled popularity and strength of the BTCC and our incredibly strong relationship with ITV is something that I’m immensely proud of.”

Niall Sloane, Director of Sport at ITV said: “The British Touring Car Championship has been a hit with viewers on ITV4, and ITV Sport is delighted to have secured the rights until at least the end of the 2016 season. We look forward to more great racing and stories in the years to come as the BTCC continues to evolve.”

The news is fantastic for the series, which attracts peak audience figures of near to 1 million viewers for each race weekend. To extend it to 2017 secures the series as well on free-to-air television for the forseeable future. Whilst the coverage level will remain the same for 2013, there will be one personnel change, with Toby Moody stepping down from his main commentary role after one season, being replaced by David Addison.

5 thoughts on “ITV extend British Touring Car Championship contract

  1. That’s good news. I may not like ITV, but they do have a very good commitment to motorsport, backed up by a deal like this (especially as it includes the support races too). One thing though…..Alan Gow says it’s secure until 2017 (ie presumably up to and including the 2017 season as that’s the way I’d interpret it) yet Niall Sloane says until at least the end of 2016. So…….is it 2016 with an option for an extra year, a straight deal through to and including 2016, or a straight deal through to and including 2017?

  2. I heard they have 37 car grid this year and the tyres last longer than 5 laps should be entertaining for sure

  3. Don’t forget itv3+1 & itv4+1 (lowercase for the channels, uppercase for the company) channels are not available on Freeview. Ratings would have a higher potential if there was an itv4+1 on freeview.

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