Motors TV changing Sky EPG slots from tomorrow

For those of you wondering, as of tomorrow (9th May), Motors TV will be changing Sky EPG slots. The channel will be no longer in the Sky channel slot 413, instead it will be located at channel number 447. The change of slots has no doubt been negotiated between themselves and BT Sport, in order to get the latter as high profile EPG slot as possible within the Sports section of Sky’s EPG.

This was one reason why Sky moved Sky Sports F1 earlier this year from 408 to 406, so that they could ‘blockade’ the first page of the EPG, thus preventing BT from having any of those slots. I would suspect that it was BT that entered negotiations with Motors TV, as whilst it will benefit Motors TV financially in the short term, there will be no benefit in the long term of being further down the EPG.


One thought on “Motors TV changing Sky EPG slots from tomorrow

  1. TV companies seem to place massive importance on EPG position, presumably based on research but I don’t see it for sport.

    If you fancy watching a documentary you might flick through the EPG but sport is a very specific thing, no one goes to watch motor racing but sees the EPG and thinks ‘owww NFL, lets watch that instead’.

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