Sky Sports F1 – Top 10 ratings (week ending 28th April, 2013)

From BARB, a day later than usual due to the May Day Bank Holiday:

1 – 71k – The F1 Show (Friday, 20:00)
2 – 17k – Legends (Friday, 21:00)
3 – 15k – The F1 Show (Saturday, 18:01)
4 – 10k – Legends (Wednesday, 22:32)
5 – 9k – Martin’s Bahrain Grid Walk (Tuesday, 20:00)
6 – 8k – Bahrain GP2 Sprint Race Replay (Tuesday, 23:24)
7 – 8k – Inside Track: Hill and Villeneuve (Saturday, 17:46)
8 – 7k – Ted’s Bahrain Race Notebook (Saturday, 20:30)
9 – 5k – Bahrain GP2 Feature Race Replay (Tuesday, 22:01)
10 – 5k – Ted’s China Race Notebook (Saturday, 17:32)

It appears viewers have been successfully trained into realising that The F1 Show is the only original content on Sky Sports F1 during a typical non-race week.

Looking at this week last year, The F1 Show is down marginally, however all other content is down. Last year, at least ten shows hit ten thousand viewers, this year only four can hit that figure. Maybe the Season Reviews need to return to the schedule alongside the Classic Races that are already in place. Reach was 482,000 viewers, versus 678,000 viewers last year.

Motors TV in comparison reached 359,000 viewers, their highest rated programme was the Mini Challenge on Friday evening with 23,000 viewers. The 2012 Tractor Pulling Competition also performed solidly for the channel, with 17,000 and 18,000 viewers respectively.

16 thoughts on “Sky Sports F1 – Top 10 ratings (week ending 28th April, 2013)

  1. It’s shocking given the size of the SkyF1 production team how little additional content they offer.

    I wouldn’t mind if they were focused on race day/qually coverage but most of the 4 1/2 hours are soaked up with pro-mos and Lazenby asking inane, repetitive questions, when he’s not gurning.

  2. Sky are cannibalising their race weekend coverage to provide ‘additional’ programming, rather than providing ‘real’ programming, this is why outside of a race weekend the channel is viewed in much the same way as a 24hr news channel is viewed, ie: it’s just on in the background as moving wallpaper.

    I wonder how much longer the channel can limp on, especially with its lame presenting team … That question will be answered after the adverts, a VT and a cartoon that’s really another advert … and another VT.

  3. LOL so true.

    They’re employing three presenters, a commentator and 4 colour men, plus god knows how many crew and production people, yet what do we get? A group of blokes standing around chatting, some replays at a big TV and Martin and Ted one-man-banding on the hoof.

    We also get one ‘atmos’ VT that get’s repeated, whilst most other VT’s are the same clips we’ve seen 100 times before in a different order, how many times have we seen the slo-mo turnstile shots!

    Watching F1 for a season on Sky is one of, if not the most expensive pay-per-view sport available in the UK, yet we get mediocre, self indulgent rubbish because they know the hardcore fans have got no where else to go.

  4. Dunno what you guys are on about. The race weekend programming is good. Yes everything can be improved and we should continue to lobby them on twitter until they do but when you look where they were last year and where they are now they’re going in the right direction.

    Live testing remember?

  5. Dean, if you pay someone a lot of money to come and landscape your garden, you don’t expect them to do a half arse job and then say to you “I know you paid good money, but get me back next spring and I’ll try and do it better”.

    I’ve not seen Sky’s football or rugby coverage but I’m guessing it’s the same formulaic, lowest common denominator rubbish they do with F1. Football fans may like the constant armchair punditry and cheesy or self indulgent VT’s but F1 fans don’t.

  6. That’s £123 a year, compare that to your licence fee at £145 a year and how much the BBC supply for that money and you start to appreciate how ripped off we are with waffle, repeats and archive material.

    You’re lucky to be only paying £10.25, new customers will have to pay £252 a year, that’s daylight robbery for the mediocre, bland, unenthusiastic drivel Sky produce.

    1. Sport is now too popular and too expensive for the bbc to be able to afford it. Look at moto gp. That’s about to be snapped up by bt sport.

      1. I’m no fan of the BBC but for £145 a year they provide:-

        13 TV Channels
        18 Radio Station
        Multiple Websites
        Multiple on demand streaming services

        All of that for only 15% more than just SKY F1 – A SINGLE CHANNEL!

        Lets also now consider that they don’t get advertising or sponsorship revenue like Sky F1.

        Sky F1, even at the old HD package price represents appalling value for money.

        New customers, forced to take the Sky Sports package, will feel even more aggrieved, paying an additional 57% just to watch poor quality content on ONE CHANNEL!

        I hope viewers do drop away, I hope Sky lose interest.

        The only reason we have to put up with Sky is because Bernie is greedy. If Sky turned round and said they didn’t want F1, the BBC could get it for a fraction of the cost, why?

        Ultimately team/car sponsors pay for F1, more importantly, luxury brand sponsors. To not have F1 available in the UK would be like not showing a fashion collection in Paris, Milan or New York, or not having a Bentley dealership in Dubai.

        There’s no way Bernie would allow no F1 coverage in the UK, so lets hope Sky lose interest and we can go back to the Beeb coverage, which while a fraction of the quantity is 10x the quality.

  7. Will the viewing figures be even less next year if you have to have sports package to watch?

    1. Sky have lost 17 % of their 2012 audience so far, so a further fall would be astonishing, but it’ll probably happen unless they start providing some original programming, because at the moment he channel is not value for money.

  8. lol stop being a keyboard warrior polblagger 😛 There’s no way that f1 will ever go back exclusively to the BBC. Sky subscriptions are up this year. They will always be able to outbid the competition. The sponsors don’t care about uk exposure, they’re more concerned about the more lucretive markets in America China/Asia and the Middle East.

    1. look at the lack of sponsor logos on the cars now, sauber , caterham and marussia are bare compared to years gone by. cant see it continuing like this as small teams will be bankrupt and big teams will have no one to race against or viewers to watch them.

      maybe the best solution will be break away series and let them get on with it

  9. Dean, it’s not a case of whether Sky has the money to outbid the Beeb or ITV, it’s whether they want to.

    At the moment F1 and MotoGP are a good source of extorting new customer uptake/upgrades, that’s why Sky/BT are prepared to pay these very large contract sums. Once these sports stop showing a return, like any investment, they’ll get sold on, or in real terms, not renewed. You have to remember that what the terrestrials can’t offer in £’s they can offer in viewers.

    Sky are currently doing exactly the same with the arts, as upper middle class families are their smallest current, but largest potential new customer group. This investment again will be dropped like a stone once they’ve bled it dry.

    A good historical example is in children’s TV where Sky bought a large chunk of Nickelodeon UK to manipulate it’s outlets when young families were in their sales cross hairs. Having saturated that market they now invest nothing in that network and expect Viacom to keep it afloat on pennies.

    As for not caring about the UK as a luxury market, sales may be booming in Asia and the Middle East but they copy what the west buys, especially the UK. If luxury brands don’t care about the UK it’s odd that Rolex are the sponsor for SkyF1.

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