FIA International Tribunal: How to follow

The FIA International Tribunal is taking place today in Paris, with an outcome expected either this afternoon or tomorrow morning. Although tweeting is banned from inside the court, matters are being covered via several outlets:

– Live updates on Sky Sports News with Craig Slater and Ted Kravitz throughout the day
– Round-up on Sky Sports F1 with Ted Kravitz at 22:00
– Probably some updates on BBC News

Online posting updates throughout the day
– BBC updates throughout the day via Sportsday
Sky Sports updates throughout the day

Twitter – Who to follow
– AUTOSPORT’s Jonathan Noble is normally the first to break news, so he is a must follow for today
– BBC’s Andrew Benson as well as the Sky Sports accounts are worth following too
– BBC do have Tom Clarkson out there, but he doesn’t tweet much

One thing to beware of though, and this happened back in 2007 with Spygate, is to be aware of misinformation. AUTOSPORT wrote, and later pulled an inaccurate article about McLaren’s punishment. Back then, there was no Twitter, but you can imagine how quickly that would spread today.

Alternatively, you don’t follow the updates and just catch it all this evening. I wouldn’t blame you if you do that, as you’d probably end up cutting through all the rubbish (and misinformation) in between.

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