A new look for The F1 Broadcasting Blog

Those of you who have visited The F1 Broadcasting Blog may have noticed that things are a little different around here. Out goes ‘Blogum‘ and in comes ‘Mystique‘. With The F1 Broadcasting Blog continuing to grow, and about to hit 200,000 hits since launch, I felt the time was right to make the switch. The new theme integrates social media better than previously, with both Facebook and Twitter now firmly integrated into the blog layout.

It has been a quiet time recently with not many motor sport broadcasting stories making the rounds after the frenzied start to the season, but The F1 Broadcasting Blog will continue in full swing heading into August. ‘The Verdict so Far‘ series will be returning in August as I analyse both the BBC and Sky Sports F1 teams at the half way stage of the 2013 season, and look at ways both sides could improve the output as we move forward.

The next few months also promises more news concerning, BT Sport’s MotoGP coverage plans and the talent that may, or may not, be involved with the broadcasts. Whilst the blog is motor sport orientated, you can be assured that the blog will have one eye focussed on BT Sport’s entry into the market. Alongside that, the blog will have the usual viewing numbers and all the Formula 1 scheduling details for upcoming races.

An exciting period loom on the horizon in the broadcasting world. For the moment, I would like to thank you for continuing to read The F1 Broadcasting Blog as we head towards the Summer break.

Owner of The F1 Broadcasting Blog


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