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Yes, it is that time of the year again, where The F1 Broadcasting Blog makes a blog announcement. Which can only mean one thing. I am afraid that blog activity from tomorrow will be decreasing. However, the reasons behind the decreasing activity are slightly different this year. Instead of going to complete my University degree, I will be heading onto an industrial placement for the next nine months. Before I get asked, it is not a broadcasting or motor sport related placement, I hasten to add! Although I am very much looking forward to it.

What this does mean is that I will not be blogging as much, and I’d expect blog pieces to be restricted to scheduling and ratings. I will try and get an opinion piece in here or there, but it may not always be possible, we will have to see how it goes, and in some cases where I have written opinions, I’ll schedule them to go in ‘gaps’. I have written a few pieces over the weekend, which will be going live on the blog in the forthcoming weeksa. The blog will keep running, just at a slower pace compared to the past few months. As always, I am astounded by the amount of interest in the blog, and it is a pleasure to hear that the blog is being read by figures within the paddock and by experts.

Since April 2012, the blog has amassed nearly a quarter of a million views with over two thousand Twitter followers. I’ve said it before, but those are staggering numbers for what is an F1 Broadcasting blog. Thanks for reading!

Owner and Writer of The F1 Broadcasting Blog

9 thoughts on “Blog announcement

  1. good luck Dave. speaking 39 year old who had a grant and his fees paid i would not have even considered going to university as the debt is so scarey.

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