BBC to air Murray Walker birthday interview behind Red Button

The BBC are to air a one hour Murray Walker interview on the Red Button service throughout next weekend’s Japanese Grand Prix weekend to mark his 90th birthday. The air times are as follows:

– Thursday 10th October (11:00, 12:00, 17:00, 18:00)
– Saturday 12th October (14:35, 21:50)

There will also be a one hour programme on BBC Radio 5 Live on Sunday 13th October at 16:00, which I assume is the same as the above. Happy birthday Murray!

5 thoughts on “BBC to air Murray Walker birthday interview behind Red Button

  1. One problem there for me. I won’t be at home at those times and therefore unable to watch it as I don’t know how you can record the red button, but obviously I very much want to watch it

  2. You can usually record the Red Button if it has an EPG entry, or do it manually, but that’s no good if you’re out of course.

    • It might be available on iPlayer afterwards. I know that when the Moto GP is shoved onto the red button service that it still appears as usual on iPlayer, so hopefully the same will be the case for this interview.
      I don’t believe though, that there was no empty slot on any of BBC’s four channels to stick it on at some point. I wouldn’t expect it to appear on BBC Three, but surely there must have been a slot to put it on BBC Two or BBC Four at some point over the weekend, if BBC One wasn’t available?

      • Could have stuck it on BBC One on Saturday at 15:35 after MotoGP Qualifying repeat, at the moment there is a repeat of Ronnie’s Animal Crackers. Or even on Sunday at 13:15 before the F1 repeat.

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