BBC F1 season review to air on December 28th

The BBC F1 season review will air on BBC One on December 28th at 13:15, it has been confirmed. As noted by Suzi Perry on her Twitter: “I’m on my way to see these fellas to film our #bbcf1 review show .. Tx 28th December… @therealdcf1”

As noted previously, the Sky Sports F1 review at Christmas will première on Christmas Eve at 18:00, whilst the official season review on DVD and Blu-Ray will be released on December 16th.


One thought on “BBC F1 season review to air on December 28th

  1. Just saw both Sky F1 and BBC review. What a stark difference in quality of content, the rhythm and overall presentation between Sky and BBC.

    Where Sky kept repeating some “special” features they broadcasted during some races and giving those typical SLOW-MO shots of drivers, BBC was subtle and very interesting and analytical.

    I couldn’t sustain Sky’s review for more than 20 mins while even an hour felt less for BBC.

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