The magic 2013 numbers

Since launching in April 2012, The F1 Broadcasting Blog has accelerated quicker than I imagined. And with it, the blog now gets hits from many different places on Earth, some perhaps more surprising than others.

With nearly 300,000 views, people from 152 countries have visited the blog in 2013, 16 of those countries have visited the blog only once, so if you happen to live (or have lived!) in Fiji or the Bahamas, then consider yourself lucky. It is perhaps unsurprising that nearly 82 percent of visitors are from the United Kingdom.

Top 10 Countries – Percentage of all hits
01 – 81.8 percent – United Kingdom
02 – 3.3 percent – United States
03 – 2.3 percent – Ireland
04 – 1.4 percent – Canada
05 – 1.1 percent – Australia
06 – 1.0 percent – Italy
07 – 0.9 percent – Netherlands
08 – 0.7 percent – France
09 – 0.6 percent – Germany
10 – 0.4 percent – Spain

Despite having social media channels on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, in terms of where people are referred from, search engines are still king by a very wide margin. 114,000 hits clicked through from elsewhere – 64.8 percent of that was from search engines, and as the below shows, Twitter is still a fair bit away from search engines in that respect.

Top 5 Referring Website
01 – 64.8 percent – Search engines
02 – 22.2 percent – Twitter
03 – 4.7 percent –
04 – 2.3 percent – Facebook
05 – 1.3 percent – Digital Spy Forums

It will be interesting to see how the dynamics above change in 2014, I suspect that Twitter traffic will go up, whilst there will be more overseas visitors, although obviously that depends on what sort of stories break in 2014, both here and abroad. We’ve established that quite a few people have entered the blog via a search engine, but what phrases have they typed in?

Top 10 Search Queries
01 – f1 broadcasting blog
02 – georgie thompson
03 – f1 broadcasting
04 – tom clarkson f1
05 – sky f1 team
06 – f1 sky broadcasting blog
07 – tom clarkson
08 – lee mckenzie
09 – has georgie thompson left sky f1
10 – georgie thompson f1

Before the season, a lot of attention was on Thompson, with no official announcement on her leaving the Sky team, hence many people ending up on this blog as a result! In a similar sense, not many people knew who Tom Clarkson was, as there is no profile for him on the BBC’s F1 website, so web users ended up here.

The top ten blog posts for 2013 will as usual on New Year’s Eve, but I thought you guys would like a look inside the blog and see just how people landed on the blog!

Statistics compiled and correct as of December 27th, 2013.


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