Anderson: BBC believe that “viewers not interested” in technical analysis

Gary Anderson has revealed the reasons behind him and the BBC parting ways in the close season. Whilst he noted the reasons at a Cass Business School event last week, he has expanded on the reasoning today.

In the first of his ‘Ask Gary Anderson’ pieces on the AUTOSPORT website (subscription required), Anderson said that his intention was to make the technical aspect a bigger part of the BBC’s coverage. Speaking to AUTOSPORT, Anderson commented “Ever since I started work with them, I’ve been pushing them to do more on the technical side, and during the second half of 2013 it appeared to me that they were wanting to do less. For example, I set up an open-house visit to Renault to cover the engine package for 2014 in detail and twice on the day before we were due to go it was cancelled by the BBC. The reasoning was that as far as they were concerned, the viewers were not that interested.”

Anderson, who will have an expanded AUTOSPORT role in 2014, was not happy with the impression that BBC were leaving him. “I believed that with the enormous technical changes for 2014, we should be doing more, not less.” Anderson commented. Whilst it appears that Anderson wanted to leave the BBC, BBC made the decision moments before he informed them. “I was in the midst of writing a resignation email when I got the call from them to meet up for a chat, which is when [..] they got rid of me!”, Anderson said. Nearly 95 percent of you, or over 2,500 blog readers believe Anderson leaving will be bad for BBC in the long run.

An interesting turn of events that Anderson and BBC appeared to have been thinking along the same wavelengths: BBC wanted to get rid of Anderson and in the end Anderson wanted to leave. The question I have to ask is whether there was always the intention from the start of 2013 to phase out Anderson from their coverage. I don’t disagree with Anderson, but I’m not sure I agree either regarding the latter half of 2013 sentence. With Sebastian Vettel dominating, the whole of the broadcasting scene in terms of features dried up, on both sides of the fence. The evidence that Anderson gives though about the Renault visit is immensely disappointing and disheartening to read.

I have reached out to the BBC for comment.

12 thoughts on “Anderson: BBC believe that “viewers not interested” in technical analysis

  1. Real shame. Whenever I did watch the BBC’s coverage. Anderson was one aspect I really enjoyed. His style was admitingly less jokey than Ted Kravitz but his technical knowledge and the fact he has worked for an F1 Team proves he’s an important part of any broadcasting team.

    I really hope the BBC do not renew their contract for F1 (or however it works regarding this issue) as they have no interest in trying to compete with Sky anymore.

  2. I do feel sorry for Gary. He has had such a great run with the Beeb on the technical side of things, making Ted Kravitz look second-rate. It’s such a great shame that the Beeb want to take the technical features out and make it into a tabloid, reality TV-esque production that the LCD audience would watch. It’s embarassing for a public service broadcaster that we pay for to get this? Not on my nelly!

  3. He’s right about with the reg changes that more technical features etc rather than less were needed. In that sense I can see why he was going to leave as he clearly disagreed with them about what the viewers want. It’s silly on the part of the BBC given such enormous changes are coming in this year. For my money, to put it politely, the BBC have screwed up (you can imagine the less polite words I was referring to).

  4. Once more the BBC is not giving the viewing public what it wants, did it carry out a survey as to whether Gary was needed or desired? Not on your Nelly, or some other part of the anatomy. I suppose the left wing didn’t want the technical analysis, but surely the right wing, or whatever, has a right (no pun intended) to get what it wants, or does it have no clout anymore?

  5. It doesn’t matter if your left or right the Beeb have done everyone of us a disservice in their thinking . They had the right man for the job this year and they blew it . God only knows how they will be explaining the Tech stuff this year with their current line up (DC aside) . They had a great chance to make Sky and that idiot Kravitz look more stupid than he is . Notebook indeed …. what a wally he is . More interested in how he looks and comes across than giving technical info .

    He wouldn.t know one end of the car than you or me . Just talks a good game .

    Gary was at the coal face in his day and these bimbo presenters were not .

    He will be badly missed this year .

    Personally I cannot wait to watch the first GP and see how they get on .

    Good to see most of us feel the same way .

  6. Gary is right….

    Unfortunately, the BEEB would rather have the up front trio presenting themselves in a comic way so as to appeal to the general but, largely, disinterested audience who tune in on a Sunday lunchtime.

  7. gary was great and will be missed.

    since the sky tv deal has happened it has changed they way i watch f1. don’t bother with qually any more and i tune in 10mins before race starts and tv goes off as soon as cars cross the finish line. There is no continuity since it is broke up non live races .like half the story is missing.

  8. It’s just the BBC doing their usual make the coverage rubbish, viewing figures drop then they say there’s not the demand for bbc coverage so they drop it.

    Gary Anderson was the best thing about the BBC coverage for many years.

  9. I’ve been saying this for years yet no one’s listened to me. I did the “slicks-0-6” phone in on Radio 5 with Gary, and you could tell in the tone of his voice he loved getting technical, especially when I asked him a question which underlined my technical expertise.

  10. They replaced him with Alan Mcnish, a back marker from 12 years ago! how can his opinion be respected when he passes judgement on greats like Alonso? It is now more than worth it to spend £40 a month on a sky subscription not to hear him or that idiot James Allen bellowing none sense at you and staining the history of formula 1 with their sadly audible presence.

  11. Good ridance I say he is boring and if he was that technical why was he not still in F1. He hates Ferrari and his latest comments about the 2015 car is a joke. Surprised he has not got back ache with the massive chip on his shoulder he is carrying around.

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