Who is Eric Silbermann?

Those of you listening BBC Radio 5 Live’s coverage this weekend at the Chinese Grand Prix will have been listening to Jack Nicholls and Eric Silbermann. As explained previously, Nicholls will be commentating for 5 Live for four races this season: China, Hungary, Japan and Russia.

However, who is Eric Silbermann? I’ve heard of the name before, but never really knew who he is, or what his background was, and Google doesn’t bring back many results. This piece is brief, but mainly just intended as a ‘jigsaw’ for anyone wondering who Silbermann is. The first point of contention is whether his surname as one “n” or two “n’s”, on the basis that his name is listed as author on several books as two “n’s”, I am leaning towards that. You have to go back to the late 1980s for your first bit, as Silbermann was the Honda press officer during the Senna and Prost days (he might actually appear next week during Sky’s ‘Senna Week‘ come to think of it, but can’t confirm either way).

I can’t find a lot on him through the 1990s, although this article says that he was Eddie Irvine’s spokesman during his Ferrari days. At the same time, he was translate for the Formula 1 Yearbook‘s, and also 5 Live’s pit lane reporter, which I think was from 1997 through to 2005, although I may be wrong. More recently, Silbermann was Red Bull Racing’s head of communications, before leaving that position at the end of 2008. A switch to sister team Toro Rosso followed, before leaving that role at the beginning of this year.

As vague pieces go, this definitely falls into that category, but, given how little Google brings back, I thought I should try and piece things together for anyone who has never heard of the name. I’m sure there is more on Silbermann, but that is what I can find out there on the internet.

3 thoughts on “Who is Eric Silbermann?

  1. I think he did co-commentary for Radio 5 live, around the time that Maurice Hamilton was moved from co commentary responsibilities to the main R5L commentary position (i.e. post Jonathan Legard and pre David Croft),

  2. I’ve been looking at a few of the Classic F1 videos the BBC made in 2009, featuring 5 Live commentary.

    There was a brief mention of him near the start here in Britain 2003 http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/motorsport/formula_one/8102023.stm

    He was also the co-commentator at Italy and China in 2004 (although amusingly his name is also mis-spelled in these captions)

    I’m also fairly sure he’s done one or two other practice sessions for 5 Live in the past few years.

    In terms of other 5 Live reporters from the past, Peter Slater (2004) and Mike Sewell (2005) are also heard in some of the Classic F1 videos.

    1. Very interesting Stephen, yes, I remember his name from the Classic F1 races, but it was difficult to find the exact races as his name doesn’t appear in the description underneath.

      Back then it sounds like they didn’t have a permanent team aside from Legard.

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