BBC “will have 10 live races” even if German GP disappears

With the German Grand Prix looking increasingly likely to disappear from the 2015 Formula One season, a few people have wondered whether this will affect the current BBC and Sky picks for this season.

As it stands, the BBC are set to broadcast ten live races out of the twenty on the calendar, with the mid-season schedule looking like this:

– June 21st – Austria (Red Bull Ring) – Sky
– July 5th – Britain (Silverstone) – BBC and Sky
– July 19th – Germany (TBA) – Sky
– July 26th – Hungary (Budapest) – BBC and Sky
– August 23rd – Belgium (Spa) – BBC and Sky
– September 6th – Italy (Monza) – Sky

If the German Grand Prix disappeared, then the BBC would be left with three consecutive live races, and with more than 50 percent of the races live (10 out of 19). Neither of those two statements has been true since the current contract came into effect at the beginning of 2012.

However, a BBC spokesperson has confirmed to The F1 Broadcasting Blog that the 2015 picks will not change if the German Grand Prix is removed from the calendar. The spokesperson said “If Germany (and it is an ‘if’ at this stage) comes out of the calendar, it won’t affect what we show as the picks are done at the start of the season. So if Germany goes we will have 10 lives from a total of 19 races.”


One thought on “BBC “will have 10 live races” even if German GP disappears

  1. As we’ve had two years of 9 live from 19, due to the loss of a scheduled live race in one case at leasat, it is about time the balance was redressed. Good to hear it confirmed though, thanks.

    There was clearly no option of re-choosing after the loss then so there shouldn’t be this year either.

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