Archive Grand Prix footage released on AP’s YouTube channel

The Associated Press, in conjunction with the British Movietone, have released over a million minutes of historical archive footage on to two new YouTube channels.

Unsurprisingly, both channels contain masses of Grand Prix footage dating back to before the war. The majority of the footage covers the period before 1982 – i.e. pre Formula One Management – however there is still some archive material that is clearly from FOM’s archive (but also AP’s, evidently) on the channel:

Unfortunately, given what has unfolded in the past week, the first page of results when searching for ‘Grand Prix‘ on AP’s YouTube channel are a few safety related videos, although this video in the aftermath of the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix is one that I have not seen before. It shows Max Mosley addressing the media on the Wednesday following the events of that weekend:

More recently, we have the outcome of the McLaren 2007 spying case, with Norbert Haug, Ron Dennis and Pedro de la Rosa trying to escape the court room:

I don’t know how many motor racing videos have been uploaded to the AP’s and Movietone’s YouTube channel, but there will almost certainly be some hidden gems in the collection that has been uploaded.

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