The magic 2015 numbers

Over the Christmas and New Year period, I tend to post a bit on how the blog has performed across the year. This particular post I normally push online in the lull between Christmas and New Year. The news this past Monday means no such lull exists this year. I am splitting the Channel 4 posts up so they are not all going online in one block. As a side note, if anyone has noticed that something has not been updated yet on the blog, please give me a shout and I will endeavour to update it.

Off the back of the BBC and Sky Sports deal in 2011, The F1 Broadcasting Blog launched in April 2012, and has since amassed nearly close to one million views, with just shy of 500,000 visitors in total. But just where do the visitors come from, and how do readers access the blog?

The site in 2015 has attracted nearly 280,000 hits, which works out at around 770 views a day. That is a decrease of around 100,000 hits year-on-year, as (until last Monday) 2014 was the more eventful year from a broadcasting perspective. The raw percentage of people accessing from the United Kingdom has dropped slightly again, that also is the case in the United States. The biggest jumps come from Australia, Netherlands and Spain.

Top 10 Countries – Percentage of all hits
01 – 74.3 percent (2014: 75.0) – United Kingdom
02 – 3.8 percent (2014: 5.8) – United States
03 – 2.4 percent (2014: 1.7) – Australia
04 – 2.0 percent (2014: 2.0) – Ireland
05 – 1.5 percent (2014: 1.5) – Canada
06 – 1.3 percent (2014: 1.0) – Netherlands
07 – 1.0 percent (2014: 0.7) – Spain
08 – 1.0 percent (2014: 0.9) – Germany
09 – 0.9 percent (2014: 0.9) – Italy
10 – 0.8 percent (2014: 0.9) – France

The amount of people coming to the website from search engines has dropped compared with 2014, whilst the proportion of users coming from Twitter has increased again. As mentioned earlier, the lack of a big story early in the year meant that there was not as much activity, comparatively speaking year-on-year. No doubt that will change in early 2016…

Top 5 Referring Website
01 – 71.7 percent (2014: 73.5) – Search engines
02 – 17.0 percent (2014: 13.2) – Twitter
03 – 3.1 percent (2014: 2.9) – Reddit
04 – 1.9 percent (2014: 2.9) – Facebook
05 – 1.7 percent (2014: 2.8) –

The top ten search queries makes for interesting reading, with some similarities compared with 2014, and one surprising entry.

Top 10 Search Queries
01 – f1 broadcasting
02 – f1 broadcasting blog
03 – tom clarkson
04 – tom clarkson f1
05 – gary anderson f1
06 – simon lazenby
07 – bbc f1
08 – f1 viewing figures
09 – sky f1 channel
10 – a1 gp

A lot of references to BBC’s Formula 1 coverage in there, with Tom Clarkson and Gary Anderson making the list. Despite the whole Anderson story happening in early 2014, it clearly still had an effect on the 2015 numbers, presumably people were keen to see what Anderson has been up to this season, if anything. Everything is Formula 1 related, and then at the bottom of the top ten you have ‘a1 gp’! Weirdly, the stats for the one A1 Grand Prix article on the site shows that particular piece spikes during Formula E weekends, you can read into that what you will.

The top ten articles published during 2015 will be summarised on New Year’s Eve. I suspect the current top ten will change drastically between now and then, but we shall see.

Statistics compiled and correct as of December 23rd, 2015.

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